Decorate the table for special occasions

If you like entertaining at home, you enjoy taking care of every little detail and spoiling your guests, you cannot miss the ideas that you propose in today’s article to wear a tag table.

Sometimes you do not need to spend a fortune to boast decoration. From a nice message to a simple vase of flowers. We explain the keys to your guests love decorating a table for special occasions.

Illuminate a holiday table

Too strong light can dazzle our guests, while a very low light can cause fatigue and depression, especially during lunch or dinner. We must therefore properly illuminate the dining table to create the perfect atmosphere and make our food look appetizing.

Offices in black and white

Since we have no choice but to spend much of the day working, the best we can do is create a working environment in which we feel comfortable. Of course, there must be a place that promotes concentration and allow us to be more productive. For example, if you spend many hours on the computer, ideally office or the office is tastefully decorated and following some basic recommendations for this type of space: enhance the natural light, have good artificial lighting, choose ergonomic chairs … Moreover, it is important to choose colors carefully, because they have much influence on our mood.

7 proposals to give life to your basement

If you have a basement at home, know that does not have to be a dark and forgotten space. Quite the opposite! With ideas, we will see today will get give much life to this place that usually found in single – family homes or townhouses, a private, intimate and distant space noise that we can get much game to make it a cozy, bright and comfortable stay. You want to know how?

1. Movie theater

Would you like to have a home theater? Maybe it’s easier than you think … And if your basement as a screening room this space become a place to enjoy your favorite movies. You just have to put some comfortable sofas with lots of cushions and a large TV. To decorate the room, you can include very cool retro popcorn and a movie poster or film theme.

Ideas and tips for decorating a fireplace

The fireplaces are for the winter but throughout the year can, and indeed should, be furnished as an essential part of the room or stay where they are located. Although not give off heat in the summer months, become a fundamental part of the interior of your home, since they are often the focal point and, therefore, it is important to pay attention to your decor.

Today we will review several ideas for your fireplace seen in a unique way that is not boring but showing part of your personality in this space dedicated to relaxation. Some of them alone are already very decorative but if it is not the case, these proposals will achieve a special touch to yours.

Ideas for decorating small bedrooms

The small bedrooms are much more cozy and intimate. The problem is that the lack of space limits us enough. Therefore, before decorating we must take into account a number of important aspects.

The color, the shape of the room, the windows … We want to help you take advantage of your bedroom with great solutions for mini spaces.

White and pastel shades

If you regularly read our blog, you already know that light colors help us win luminosity spaces. White reflects almost 80% of natural light. Conversely, dark colors absorb light. So, based on this standard, one thing is clear: in bedrooms mini must escape the dark colors as well as bold prints.

The strong tones and intricate decoration prints unnecessarily recharge, causing stress and feeling overwhelmed. Therefore, we recommend choosing light colors like white and unerring pastel tones. Pale pink, sky blue, mint green, stone, sand, white pearl … There are plenty of colors to help you gain space and light in your little bedroom.

Headboard colors with geometric pieces

If you want to add a touch of color and fun to the headboard of your bed the craft that we bring you today is more than appropriate. And it is that you can design a personalized and colorful geometric headboard with which to get him a new air to the room. You’ll see just how easily you’ll be able to achieve. Do you dare to try? In today’s post we tell you all the steps you need to follow to decorate your bedroom in a very special way.

Geometric forms

In this DIY geometric shapes are the protagonists. And you’ll be able to design as you like best, since you have complete freedom to choose their size, design and color with which you paint. But let’s go into detail to start preparing this cheerful and colorful headboard. Technically, it is not a headboard, but as it is on the bed we have named. If you fancy, you’ll be able to place in another location, but we loved this proposal we have seen in the blog A Kailo Chic Life.

Ideas for decorating with style mid century modern

Today we know a decorative style known as mid century modern. Its origin dates from between 40 and 60 but still valid today, is characterized mainly by the use of wood for furniture with a timeless, simple lines without being anything too heavy. It also makes use of open spaces and iconic design objects. Today we found some ideas to incorporate this type of decoration in your home. You dare?

Open spaces

To decorate your home in the style mid century modern you can use open spaces and airy, something we now see as quite normal and usual but when this way of decorating homes emerged was a kind of revolution at the time, since in using those years became independent rooms. You can also get unifying outer space with the interior, with the same colors for both zones and using similar furniture, for example.

Including a carpet in the decor of your kitchen

Decorate the kitchen with a carpet (or more) is something you love or almost equally shocked. This is not to put a delicate Persian rug because we’re going to step on a lot and can fall dirt, as indeed it happens … So it’s a matter of putting a carpet that you can wash and resistant in order to give some warmth and a different touch to this room. Today we will see how you can enter it in the decor of your kitchen, a aesthetic element and also practical, as we see below.

How to decorate leaving wires in sight

Normally we seek camouflage but what happens if we do the opposite? Leave cables in sight does not seem a very decorative solution, but when you see the thoughts that I teach you today I think you’ll change your mind. This is to make the most of an element that we neglect completely or try to cover so that it is not seen. But today I invite you all to become protagonists with these original decorative proposals.

Hanging bulbs

One way to take full advantage of your cables is placing hanging bulbs. You can play with the colors to customize this lamp with a certain industrial air but fits perfectly in a Nordic style. Only you need cable, a lamp holder and bulb. Remain very cool!

Vases of colored sand

The manual I teach you today reminded me of those jobs we did at school when we were little glass jars filled with colored chalk. Today I want to show you a DIY very colorful and fun so you can place your plants and flowers in a special way. Let’s look at two ways to do it, so you can choose the one you like.

Vases Sand

The first DIY I teach you’ve seen on the blog Ruffled. It is to customize some vases with colored sand to decorate a special place in a very fun way. To make this craft you will need:

  • A knife.
  • Sand colors.
  • The vases, glasses or glass jars.
  • Flowers.

Decorating a baby shower: The details that make the difference

A baby shower is a gathering of friends after the baby’s birth in which gifts are exchanged and enjoy a fun party. And like any self-respecting party in the decoration plays a key to acclimate the place of an original and unique way role and, therefore, today we will have some ideas to incorporate details that make the difference.

They cannot miss balloons and colorfully, but you can add many more elements to design decorated with personality, cheerful and original. If you’re planning to celebrate the arrival of your little you cannot lose what we tell you then.

Kitchen in black and white

Do you have to reform the kitchen? Well be patient! In addition, there are many things you should decide before starting the works, on the other hand, tend to spread enough. Therefore, you must choose the style, coatings, flooring, furniture, countertop material, textiles, accessories … Do not you think we forget something? Effectively! It is also very important that you take your time when choosing the colors that will be part of all elements of the stay.

When choosing the colors of the kitchen you must take into account many factors such as the size of the room and natural light it receives, as for spaces with few square meters and low light are preferred light colors. You should also note that the kitchen is a place that is pretty dirty and, of course, your personal tastes.