Do You Need a Door Handle With a Smart Lock

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Do You Need a Door Handle With a Smart Lock

As we continue to advance in technology, more and more objects in our homes are becoming “smart.” From thermostats to light bulbs, it seems like everything can now be controlled by our smartphones. One of the latest home gadgets to join this trend is smart door locks. These locks allow us to lock and unlock our doors remotely using an app on our phones or via voice commands.

Research data predicts that the global smart lock market will reach $4.5 billion by 2023, showing a growing demand for this technology. But do we really need to upgrade our traditional door handles to smart locks? Let’s explore the benefits and considerations of having a door handle with a smart lock.

Why Do You Need a Door Handle With a Smart Lock?

Having a door handle with a smart lock can provide added convenience and security to your home. Imagine being able to unlock your front door from your car when you have groceries in hand, or giving temporary access to friends or family without needing to make spare keys. With this lock, you can do all of this and more.

Moreover, smart locks offer enhanced security features that traditional locks may not have. For instance, some locks come with built-in cameras or motion sensors that can alert you on your phone if someone is trying to tamper with your door. Additionally, many locks also allow for multi-factor authentication, such as using a fingerprint or entering a unique code along with the app, making it harder for intruders to gain access.

Lastly, investing in a smart lock can have long-term benefits, saving you both time and money. Say goodbye to the stress of losing keys or being locked out; you can effortlessly unlock your door with a simple tap on your phone. Moreover, with locks like Bold Lock seamlessly integrated into home automation systems, you can conveniently schedule automatic locking and unlocking, eliminating the need for manual intervention every time you enter or leave your home.

Benefits of Having a Door Handle With a Smart Lock

There are various potential benefits to having a door handle with a smart lock. Let’s take a look at some of them:


The most obvious benefit of having a smart lock on your door handle is the convenience it offers. With traditional locks, we often have to fumble around for our keys or try multiple times before getting the key in the right way. But with a


One of the main benefits of having a door handle with a smart lock is convenience. No more fumbling for keys or worrying about forgetting them. With a lock, you can easily unlock your door with just a tap on your phone or by using your voice. This is especially useful when your hands are full or when you have limited mobility.

Remote Access

Smart locks allow you to control your door from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. This means you can let in visitors or service providers even when you’re not home. You can also check the status of your door and receive notifications if it’s been unlocked, giving you peace of mind.

Keyless Entry

Say goodbye to lost keys or having to make extra copies for guests. With a smart lock, all you need is a code to enter your home. This is also helpful when guests stay over and need to give them temporary access. Some locks even allow you to create unique codes for different people, making it easy to keep track of who has access to your home.

Increased Security

Smart locks offer a higher level of security compared to traditional door handles. With features like two-factor authentication and encryption, it’s much harder for someone to break into your home. Some locks also have sensors that can detect if someone is trying to tamper with the lock and will send an alert to your phone.

Integration with Other Smart Home Devices

If you already have other smart home devices like a security system or cameras, a smart lock can easily integrate with them. This allows for seamless and centralized control of your home’s security.

Considerations Before Getting a Door Handle With a Smart Lock

Getting a Door Handle With a Smart Lock

The convenience and security benefits of locks may seem tempting, but there are some considerations to keep in mind before making the switch:


Before purchasing a smart lock, make sure it’s compatible with your current door handle and lock. Some locks are only designed to work with specific types, so it’s important to do your research beforehand.

Power Source

Smart locks require a power source, which can be either batteries or hardwiring. If you choose to go with batteries, make sure to check the battery life and have replacements on hand. Hardwired locks may require professional installation.


Like any technology, smart locks are not immune to malfunctions or glitches. It’s important to choose a reputable brand and read reviews to ensure the lock is reliable and has good customer support in case any issues arise.


Smart locks can be significantly more expensive than traditional door handles, so it’s important to consider your budget before purchasing. Keep in mind that some locks also require a monthly subscription fee for remote access features.

Privacy Concerns

Having a smart lock means that your door is connected to the internet, which raises concerns about privacy and security. Make sure to choose a lock from a trusted brand with strong encryption and data protection measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use my key with a smart lock installed?

Yes, most smart locks come with backup keys in case of emergencies or if you prefer to use a key instead of the digital features.

How long do smart lock batteries last?

Battery life varies depending on usage and brand, but most smart locks have an average battery life of 6-12 months.

Can I control my smart lock remotely if my internet connection goes down?

Some smart locks offer offline access through Bluetooth or physical keys, but it’s important to check with the specific brand and model.

Are smart locks compatible with all smartphones?

Most smart locks are compatible with iOS and Android devices, but checking before purchasing is always a good idea.

Can I install a smart lock myself?

It depends on the type of smart lock and your level of comfort with DIY projects. Some may require professional installation for proper functioning.

In conclusion

While having a door handle with a smart lock may not be necessary for everyone, it does offer convenience, security, and integration with other smart home devices. However, it’s important to consider compatibility, power source, reliability, cost, and privacy concerns before deciding to upgrade.