Renovate the house with wallpaper

With the help of wallpaper, in a few steps we managed to give new life to the decor of any corner of the house. Brand new look, to delimit environments, to enhance the decoration or to add a trendy touch to the room. Plenty of reasons to decorate with wallpaper.

A classic decor that is back in fashion and want to recover have compiled the latest tendentious in wallpaper. With the tips, you’ll find in this article, you can easily brand decoration. You sign up?

The acrylic stone love us again this time in these designer sinks

Baths by Clay is a Dutch company specializing in the design and manufacture of furniture for bathrooms that has made its new collection of hand HI-MACS, looking for a durable, sturdy, practical design and, above all, aesthetically pleasing.

Because of this firm belief of timeless design, they know the importance of balance in the environment of the bathroom and attest to their design values must be eternal. With the advantage that its products are custom – made and of high quality.

DIY Geometric Shelves

The craft that we will learn to do today is very decorative and at the same time will help maintain order in every corner where you decide to place it. This is a DIY to create a geometric shelf, in this case have a hexagon and triangle, you can only do one of these forms, or combine both, or make them square … As you like! Here we leave you with guidelines that give us blog and then customize sure you get to create your own decor. We started!

Tricks to gain space in children’s rooms

The shortage of square meters is one of the most typical problems of existing homes. Luckily, there are many tricks you can perform to this lack of space and not too note that our home is a beautiful, comfortable and welcoming despite the size.

One of the rooms that can further noted the lack of square meters room is the child . However, the smallest of the house also need space to play, do homework and rest. Even as the school year has just started, today we give you some tricks to gain space in the children’s bedroom. Would you like to join us?

Decorating ideas with plaids

There are decorating trends that never go out of style or reinvent themselves year after year. It is the case of plaids, present perhaps especially in the purely Christmas decorations but we can also incorporate all year in furniture, textiles and accessories.

Also known as tartan, looks great in environments with rustic or country but the vast palette of colors available makes it possible to feel great in any decor. Today we know some ideas, to help you bring them into your home. You want to know how?

2 DIY to decorate and order back to school

They have already started classes and backpacks are loaded with cases and pencils. Surely you have conditioned a place dedicated to the study at home but just in case you need some extra thought, today I want to show you two crafts really cool to decorate your home and also maintain order in that space where your kids get to do your homework. If you created your desk with retro style you can not miss these new DIY today. Let’s do it!

Wall hooks

We started with an idea of the blog Design Improvised which I loved because it is very practical and at the same time, very decorative. It is custom wall hooks that you can create for your children hang on them their equipment , clothing or any accessory that needs to be ordered.

Do you know how many mites live in your bed? Find out how to eliminate them

To avoid the proliferation of mites in our bed, in addition to ventilate the room every day, every so should disinfect the mattress, so as to avoid further problems. The bed is one of the fundamental elements of our house, because it is the place where we can rest after scoring all our daily activities.

In the bed we spend a significant part of the day and allow the body to perform basic functions for the health. However, due to sweating, the dead skin cells and dust, the mattress deteriorates and becomes a perfect place for the development of different microorganisms.

Although it is customary to ignore it, some allergies, infections and respiratory problems caused by mites and bacteria that proliferate in our bed. Fortunately there are cleaning and disinfection methods that allow us to get rid of this problem without having to expose to chemicals or spending much.

On this occasion, we share a natural formula and some advice to help keep your bed in excellent condition.

Ideas for decorating with maps

If traveling is your passion today I show you some great ideas for decorating with maps any room in your home. The can put on the wall, in a cabinet, framed … In almost every corner has a place this beautiful and evocative decor. Can choose the style, design, if a world map of your country or your favorite city … As you can see, there are many possibilities, so let’s see them in greater detail below.

Decorate furniture with maps

The first idea I bring you is to give an original twist to your furniture thanks to the maps. To do this, you can use a vinyl or decorative paper for the dresser drawers, for example, or even for the whole comfortable. Also, if you have a broken coffee table something you can cover the glass with a map.

DIY special Back to School, new desk for your home

We started September with back to school ever closer. That’s why today we want to show this idea designed to restore an antique desk and give it a new life. You get a desk as decoration for your children’s room or a special corner where you fancy place, although there is little that could use it. If you love retro and crafts, the DIY think you’ll like. It is also very simple, so no excuses. Let’s do it!

Ideas for decorating with plants hardy and easy to care

The plants are so decorative that cannot miss in your home. If you think, you are not crafty enough to give them the necessary care so that they are beautiful, quiet, today I bring you the solution. With these resistant plants there will be no excuse, and besides you will last a long time are very easy to care for.

Thus, you get bring that freshness and natural touch to your home with these species for indoor enduring good heat and cold. It does not mean that you have to ignore completely but perhaps withstand much more than you think …

8 Essential rules of Feng Shui for harmony in your home

The Feng Shui is that eastern philosophy, through decoration, helps you design a harmonious home where the energies flow through the different rooms and where the very distribution of furniture and the use of colors and accessories influences positively in people who live in this place. Today we reviewed 8 essential rules of this discipline you have to apply in decorating your home if you want to achieve those feelings in your home.

1. Entry

To welcome your visits harmoniously put one in your entry natural plant or photographs, avoiding those people who no longer live. To the extent that you can, allows the entry of natural light.