Safari room: Amazing decor and project ideas

Safari room: Amazing decor and project ideas

Adventure, fun, nature, and wild animals. Calm! We’re not talking about a forest expedition, just the fourth safari room decoation.

After all, it’s not just Mowgli who can live the experience of living in the middle of the forest, right?

And one of the coolest things about this kid’s room decor theme is its versatility.

The safari room can be used for boys and girls, in addition to accepting a very varied color palette and various decorative elements. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see safari room inspirations that are very different from each other.

Did you like this idea? So come check out all the tips we brought you to create a safari room worthy of a king of the jungle. Check out:

Safari room decor

Color palette

Safari room decor: Color palette

One of the most important things in planning any bedroom is the color palette. It is the guide for all the other elements that will enter the environment, from furniture to small decorative objects.

When choosing the color palette, the work of decorating is also easier, since you don’t get lost in the midst of so many options. This makes it simpler to get where you need and want.

With that in mind, the color palette for the safari room almost always highlights and enhances the tones found in nature.

That is, colors such as yellow, orange, blue, brown, and green are among the favorites.

But of course, you can innovate and create a safari room decor including other shades, depending on the style you want to create.

A more modern safari room, for example, can bet on shades like black and gray. If the safari room is for a girl, it is worth using shades of pink.

For a safari baby room, however, the tip is to use pastel shades of yellow, blue and green, as these softer tones favor a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

If the child is older, then think of a more vivid and dynamic color palette, with warm and vibrant tones.

Note that the color palette is practically the same, what changes is the saturation of the colors, which can be either lighter and softer, or stronger and more vivid.

Stuffed animals

Stuffed animals room decor

Elephants, lions, giraffes, monkeys, crocodiles, hippos, zebras, macaws, toucans, snakes…the list of animals that can be used to decorate the safari room is immense.

And the cutest way to take them into the environment is in the form of stuffed animals. Spread them on the bedroom floor, on top of the bed, on the furniture and wherever else you find interesting.

The cool thing is to insert these animals as if they were part of a real scenario in the middle of nature.

Natural fibers

Natural fibers

The decoration of the safari room is even more complete and realistic in the presence of natural textures, such as straw, cotton, linen, and jute, among others.

Use these textures on baskets, rugs, and decorative objects. In addition to making the little room charming, these textures guarantee a rustic and cozy touch to the environment.


Prints for safari room design

Textile prints are also a great option to complement your safari bedroom decor.

You can use African ethnic prints and animal prints such as zebra and jaguar.

These prints can be present on bedding, carpet, curtains, and details, such as pillows, for example.

Wallpaper and sticker

Wallpaper and sticker

For those who want to transform the children’s room into a safari very quickly and without making any mess, the tip is to invest in wallpapers or stickers.

These elements can be found in a variety of colors and prints. Just choose the one that best matches your decoration proposal



A safari room without pictures, right? These basic decor items bring a super special touch to the environment, in a practical and economical way.

The frames can be personalized by yourself, just have them printed and framed later

In addition to the safari animals, the boards can also bring maps to inspire an environment of adventure and fun.

Cozy lighting

Cozy lighting

Every room needs cozy lighting, especially children’s rooms, to help parents with nighttime visits

For this, you can bet on table and floor lamps, ceiling spots, or pendant lamps.

Just remember to use yellow lamps to ensure a cozy atmosphere inside the room.

Don’t forget about functionality

A beautiful bedroom is nothing without functionality. This means that the room must have a free area for movement, that is, furniture cannot interfere with the passage or block doors and windows, for example

The safari room needs to be comfortable too. No excess elements that can interfere with the child’s rest, play, and well-being

Some inspiring safari room decor ideas:

  • Safari-themed room in classic shades of green, brown, and beige. The floral armchair guarantees a touch of femininity
  • Green and gray safari room: modern and influenced by North American landscapes
  • Safari children’s room for fun and adventure
  • Simple safari room decorated with natural elements and lots of stuffed animals
  • How about touching on the safari room decor? Every element counts to make the theme even more realistic
  • Details that make the difference. Here, the highlight goes to the wooden coat racks in the shape of a pet.
  • Simple safari room for an adventurous girl. The wallpaper stands out, as do the natural elements
  • Safari-themed door ornament. Get inspired by the idea and make the room decoration yourself
  • Simple safari room decor with animal print wallpaper and baobab frame
  • Montessori safari room: just adapt the pedagogical proposal with the decoration elements
  • Here, the friendly little lion of the safari room theme became the sensory panel used in Montessori pedagogy
  • The safari room is decorated in neutral tones of brown and beige. The geometric painting is simple and guarantees the presence of the theme
  • Raw wood, crochet rug, and wicker basket: essential natural elements in safari room decor
  • Green and beige safari room: the most used color palette for the them
  • Montessori safari room decorated in Scandinavian style. A mix between theme, decorative style, and pedagogy
  • Look what a simple shelf can do for safari children’s room decor
  • Elements that are a decoration trend can become the highlight of the safari room decor, such as the flag, macrame, and sun mirror.
  • What would this room be without the wallpaper? It brings life to safari decor
  • Safari room decorated in warm, earthy tones
  • And what do you think of a minimalist-style safari room?
  • Montessori safari room with a bed on the floor and monkeys on the wall. Just a charm!
  • Comfort, functionality, and fun: essential items in safari room decor
  • Plush toys on the wall decorate and bring the safari theme to the room decor
  • How about revamping the safari room idea a little and adding some dinosaurs to the theme?
  • If you can, add some natural plants to make your safari room decor even more realistic.
  • Want to get your hands dirty? So play with this felt basket DIY project
  • Safari children’s room with four-poster bed and animal references on the pillow, plush and frame
  • Montessori safari room decorated with wallpaper and a super soft and comfortable rug
  • Safari baby room with felt animal mobile. Who can resist such cuteness?
  • The fun of the green safari room is complete with the slide-out bed
  • The children’s cabin is protected by the safari animals
  • Toys that stimulate movement are welcome in the safari room decor
  • Take this idea: felt lion with wool yarn mane! Easy to make and beautiful to decorate the safari room
  • Here, the tip is to paint the wall a solid color and apply safari stickers on top
  • Safari baby room with space to play and have fun
  • Older kids will feel like they’re on a wild adventure with a little room decorated like this.
  • Simple safari room decorated in neutral, calm, and soothing tones. Perfect for relaxing and reassuring children
  • A modern touch for safari kid’s room decor
  • The classic safari-themed paintings cannot be missing from the bedroom decor
  • Have you ever thought about making paper mache animals for safari theme room decor?
  • Bright, warm colors for a safari room made for older kids
  • Safari baby room decorated with comics and white color in the background
  • Don’t forget to reserve a play space in the safari room, complete with a cabin, mattress, and lots of animals
  • Playful and colorful, the safari theme room will please any child of any age.
  • Simple safari room with occasional references to the theme
  • Blue safari room planned for two brothers. simple and fun
  • Children’s safari room with wallpaper and drop-down bed. That way you can free up space for play.
  • Safari-themed room decorated with wallpaper. The desk makes the environment more functional
  • Montessori safari room with wildlife references everywhere from rug to wall
  • Blue and green safari room. The yellow details bring warmth and coziness to the theme.