10 keys to buying a trundle bed

The peculiarity of the trundle bed is that by including two beds in the same furniture we will be able to save space in the room and our children will enjoy more space. There are also trundle beds that have the structure of a sofa bed. In that case, the lower bed would be hidden inside a drawer. And we would only take it out when we needed it. Although they may seem like modern objects, the truth is that the origin of these beds comes from the Middle Ages. Being used so that the servants could watch over the sleep of their masters.

Ideas For Kids Room Lighting

Lighting the room of the little ones in the house is very important since they should feel comfortable, especially when it comes to going to sleep. We must create a pleasant atmosphere and adapt the lighting according to each space in the bedroom: play area, study space, bed, etc. It will also be important that the lighting is consistent with the decoration of the children’s room and, especially, we must make the most of natural light. So that you know the best way to illuminate your little one’s room, at OneHowTo.com we tell you how to illuminate a children’s room.

Steps to follow:

Step – 1

We must make the most of the natural light in the bedroom so that our little ones do not have to strain their eyes during the day. In this way, the curtains should be light and translucent to make the most of the light but soften the direct sun.

Step – 2

As for artificial light, we must combine a more general light throughout the room with specific lights in certain areas such as games or the desk.

Step – 3

A ceiling lamp can be a good idea for general lighting and, in addition, there are numerous children’s models that they will love: in the shape of an animal, a car, a boat, a star, etc. The most important thing is that the lamp is at a certain height or directly on the ceiling so that children do not reach it.

Step – 4

Point light bulbs can be a table lamp, but we must always be careful with what we put within the reach of the little ones and avoid lamps with crystals in case one ends up on the floor. For example, we can place a night lamp on the table to read them a story before going to sleep or in case they wake up in the middle of the night, but always at a certain height so that there are no problems.

Step – 5

It is preferable to avoid fluorescent tubes and halogen lights, as they produce very artificial light.

Step – 6

The safety measures in the children’s room are something to which we must pay close attention since the plugs can pose a great risk if children put their fingers or a sharp object. In this way, we must place safety covers that protect the plugs. In addition, the wall lights will have to be well fixed on the walls, and that there are no cables within the reach of the little ones.

What colors make green

You, most likely, don’t think so. Otherwise, on the other hand, you certainly wouldn’t have landed on a page that wants to explain how to make the green color with oil colors, with tempera, with watercolors, and acrylics.

Common Causes of Flooding in the Home

A flood in your home is not a nice thing to have to deal with, but it is important to know how to deal with it in case it should ever happen to you. Safety is important when dealing with flooding and knowing the risks as well as the correct way to clean it up is something that you should be aware of. As well as this it is handy to know the things that may cause flooding so that you can take action to protect against them and if possible, avoid them!

What is a rustic mirror like?

Mirrors are a very important decoration element. In addition to being useful and giving more space to the room, you can also play with the frame to fit your design in one way or another. There are many rustic wooden, wrought iron, or modern-style mirrors. Do you dare to give a different touch to your room, living room, or bathroom?

Rustic mirrors are those that fit in with any type of rustic style. The most common materials for rustic mirrors are wood and iron, but you will see that there are endless materials and designs that can give a different touch to the room.