Decorate Your Student Room: The Best Decoration Tips

Decorate Your Student Room: The Best Decoration Tips

Furnishing a student room can be quite a complex task given the small size of the room, but also because you don’t necessarily have the budget to decorate the space.

With that said, it is possible to make some simple and effective modifications that will allow you to enhance your bedroom décor. be it a residential room, a studio, or an apartment.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. here for you are the best decoration ideas to furnish your student room.

Change the decoration of the walls of your bedroom

One of the best ways to add a decorative touch to a room is to completely change the decoration of the walls, especially when it comes to a student room.

Indeed, the walls of student rooms are usually simple dull, and lifeless white walls, it is better to bet the decoration on its change to improve the aesthetics of the room. For this, there are several options available to you.

Paint the walls

If you have the option to paint your walls, this is definitely the best option. Painting is actually an inexpensive solution to changing a wall. All you need is a can of paint, a stroke of a roller, and voila!

Paste wallpaper

On the other hand, if you can’t paint your walls, you can always change their appearance by applying wallpaper. The latter gives you more options. in terms of design and more creativity. You also have the option to choose between two different poses.

Adhesive wallpaper, also called “peel and stick”, is a wallpaper with an adhesive side. Therefore, it is applied directly to the wall without having to apply glue. Therefore, it is easier to put on and easier to take off. You can also easily separate it from the wall.

wallpaper with glue requires, on the other hand, the application of glue to be able to fix it to the wall. Its installation is more complicated and its takeoff also more difficult.

The wall decorations

Adding a wall decoration is also a great way to decorate your bedroom and personalize your living space. The advantage of this type of decoration is that you can use it to beautify your walls without using paint or wallpaper.

You can effectively add your objects to simple walls just as you can add them to an already worked wall.

You can choose from different wall decorations, such as:

  • photo galleries;
  • Paints and canvases;
  • wall hangings;
  • The mirrors;
  • The floors.

Remember to coordinate your decorative objects according to colors. This will allow you to determine a color palette and thus create a cohesive decoration.

Decorate the bed in your bedroom

The bed is a central piece of furniture in a bedroom. It can beautify and completely change the decoration of the room. Here are some ideas that can help you make your bed a decorative piece in your bedroom:

Choose the bed

The ideal for a student room is to have a sofa bed. In this way, you can camouflage its appearance during the day to turn it into a living room piece of furniture and thus delimit the living space of the bedroom area.

Loft beds are also functional and aesthetically pleasing. Being suspended, they actually allow you to take advantage of the lower space that you can convert into an office area. Therefore, they are very practical beds to arrange small spaces such as student studios.

The headboard

Incorporating a headboard in your bedroom will give your bed a new look and personalize it. It is therefore an interesting option, especially for those who live in a university residence and who wish to have more originality in their room.

To do this, you can create your own headboard using wooden boards. you can assemble them and paint them or use fabric and a sponge to cover them and have a quilted effect.

The bedding

If you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom and bed, there’s nothing better than investing in beautiful bedding. Remember to have a duvet and a nice comforter, but also plenty of cushions that will help make your bed a sofa during the day.

Decorate your bedroom with furniture

Adding furniture to your bedroom will allow you to turn it into a room worthy of an apartment. Consider adding:


Adding a coffee table or folding table will be useful and functional while adding a decorative aspect to the room. You can put a small vase in it or store some books in it.

Storage space

Storage is very important in a bedroom. In addition to being essential to store and organize your items, storage is a piece of furniture that can help you improve the decoration of your room.

Then consider adding aesthetic storage, such as mesh or straw shelves or boxes. IKEA storage cabinets are good storage cabinets that you can customize later.

Decorate the office area of ​​your student room

The office area is also one of the centerpieces of a student’s room. It must be well organized and well decorated so that people want to use it, but also to beautify the space around it. Therefore, consider adding color to this corner to give it life.

You can add a pretty colorful chair or create a mosaic wallpaper. This will delimit your office area and add a little decorative touch to the room.

Also, remember to add mood boards or a corner for your post-its to organize yourself and have an additional aesthetic touch.