Ideas for decorating with style mid century modern

Today we know a decorative style known as mid century modern. Its origin dates from between 40 and 60 but still valid today, is characterized mainly by the use of wood for furniture with a timeless, simple lines without being anything too heavy. It also makes use of open spaces and iconic design objects. Today we found some ideas to incorporate this type of decoration in your home. You dare?

Open spaces

To decorate your home in the style mid century modern you can use open spaces and airy, something we now see as quite normal and usual but when this way of decorating homes emerged was a kind of revolution at the time, since in using those years became independent rooms. You can also get unifying outer space with the interior, with the same colors for both zones and using similar furniture, for example.

 style mid century
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The wood is one of the characteristic materials of this decorative style. A half of the twentieth century it was used mainly teak and walnut furniture with rounded shapes and shades not too dark or too light. It includes pieces of natural wood in your home, even for walls and floors, and you’ll be giving your home a very special touch.

Incorporating design pieces

Another way to go creating your own style mid century modern is introduced into your decor a design object. You can do this with a TOLIX famous chairs, Panton, Eames or Bistro, for example. Icons of the time were the Tulip chair, the Egg chair and chair of the Eames Lounge.

 style mid century
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Textures and fabrics

This style is characterized by using patterns alluding to nature, with prints of plants and animals for textiles like cushions or bedding materials like wood and we have discussed before, and wicker. The tissues most used are flax or macrame, also it makes use of large pile carpets. Also, you can also enter prints geometric.

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This decorative style has an appearance of calm and it makes use of neutral colors and tone on tone, i.e. choose a color and uses its different shades to create a sober but elegant decor. Allegra the liveliest of notes can come through accessories. Another color widely used during the time when this style emerged is the bronze, which has returned with force in recent times to give a special air to your rooms. But if not convince you, with soft, neutral tones ascertains safe.

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Other impressible furniture

If you want to bring this decoration half century to today places some own period furniture such as a sofa bed with retro aesthetics (were very fashionable in the United States in the late 50s) or an ottoman, which also they were used in those years and that you can use today as well.

Prints and paintings

Another idea is to place decorative sheets or pictures with inspiration in those years to bring this aesthetic to your present home. You can choose movie posters, graphic design, geometric prints, including some oil.

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