Ideas to decorate your home without spending money

Ideas to decorate

Ideas to decorate your home without spending money

You can decorate spending very little money or without spending anything. If you do not know where to start, take note of the ideas, I teach you today, as they will help you create very nice rooms in your house without spending large amounts for it. It is to have creativity and exploit the resources you already have in your home to give new uses and get an interior with great style and personality. Let’s see how…

Branches and trunks

When you go for a walk through the countryside grab a good collection of branches and trunks; you will come great for decorating. You can place the first in a bottle or glass vase, for example, and put the trunks forming a beautiful composition in a corner of the room, whether you have a fireplace or not.

Ideas to decorate

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Sure you have several blankets at home that not usually use. Take them out of the closet and put them on the couch, on the bed, on a chair … This will get create a warm and cozy decor. And if you’re a handyman until you can make with your own hands…


If you can get a wooden pallet you can use it to decorate in many different ways. You can design a wonderful wine rack, a sofa for your terrace or a coffee table for the living room. You can also use nacelles wood, they are very cool and there are lots of possibilities.

In the kitchen

Make a selection of the most colorful fruit you have in your refrigerator or pantry and put it in sight, in a bowl on the kitchen table or shelf. You’ll see what joy you get to give this stay.

In the bathroom

To decorate the bathroom you do not need to spend money. Place the towels in sight, perfectly sorted and stacked. This will give the room a very relaxing where to get ativan feeling, especially if they are clarita.

Ideas to decorate

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Forgotten objects

We saw a few days ago so pretty and decorative uses that could give an old wooden staircase you have forgotten in your attic. The same can be done with luggage, for example.

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Change things around

Renew your decor in a very economical way it can be done simply by changing things around. What is easy and cheap? You can change your site a few pictures, or change the frames together, put your favorite vase at another table or change the location of all the furniture in the room. You get to give a different air to the rooms with only some physical effort (if you touch moving large furniture, of course).

The books

The decor books are gorgeous. You can place them stacked on a table or even create a headboard for your bed.

Ideas to decorate

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The drawings of your children

Sure you have to house a photo frame that do not use (and do not spend anything at all). Place in it a drawing that has given you your son and hang from the wall of your living room, will be your most precious work of art.

New uses to objects

You can also decorate your home for a very cheap way (free, I’d say) and very original if you know give different uses objects you already have. For example, take the old structure of the sewing machine your mother and use it as a showcase for the entrance of your home, use one of the drawers of the table and going to throw to hang on the wall vertically and make a shelf, clean glass jars of preserves and use them as a vase or hanging with clothespins your favorite photos.

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