How to choose an air conditioner

One of our great allies, when the dreaded heat waves of the summer months arrive, are the electrical appliances that are designed to give us a breeze, cold air, or ventilation of the environment. In the past, the fan was used for all of them, but for decades air conditioning has crept into most homes, providing freshness and lightening the days of the summer season. However, over the years, this type of machinery has been increasingly refined and, today, there are many makes and models to choose from.

Boiler systems for your home

A boiler is a system used to raise and lower the temperature of water or gas in a boiler. It allows for the boiler to be less susceptible to problems relating to not being at the right temperature and to provide you with a reliable heating source during the winter months when it can be very cold outside. The amount of power that is required to heat up the water in your boiler will depend on the size of your boiler and your home.

How to Iron Linen Curtains? Best and Safe Way

It is well known. Linen is among the most complex fabrics during ironing since it has the tendency to wrinkle even just by touching it. Although it is a 100% natural and fresh fiber if used in clothing, the housewives remain the grip of the iron. All the more so if they are home textiles which, having to be put on display, must be perfect, without even having a fold. The curtains should also be washed at least a couple of times a year because they accumulate dust and odors, and in the change of season it is always a good idea to give them a freshening. Some advice for perfectly ironing linen curtains are always welcome, so if you are curious, read on.

Designing Of Ventilation and Air Conditioning in the Apartment

How to make a project for ventilation and air conditioning?

Such a question is posed by any responsible customer, the owner of the apartment, deciding on the reconstruction or modernization of existing ventilation. Installation of a multi-zone air conditioning system, supply and exhaust systems, dehumidifiers, air ducting taking into account the existing ceiling system, placement of individual units – all these tasks are primarily solved by the project for ventilation and air conditioning.

Cleaning and Disinfection of the Ventilation System

40% of dirt and bacteria enter the premises through the ventilation system unless it is cleaned in a timely manner. Against this background, we decided to conduct an analysis: do people know that the system needs to be cleaned and disinfected.

After the analysis, we came to the conclusion that most people turn to us with the need to buy ventilation (90% of all orders), and there is practically no cleaning for the ventilation of appeals (10% of orders). Such statistics do not really please us, because the level of contamination of ventilation becomes a public problem, and the public does not even know about this problem.

Central Heating System Maintenance

Some jobs around the home are not very exciting but totally necessary if you want to keep a happy home functioning. Important jobs like making sure your boiler receives an annual service, so you don’t end up without hot water or heating in the bleak mid-winter! Not only does the service ensure everything is safe but will also guarantee that your boiler is running efficiently and cleanly.

You’ll also want to think about bleeding your radiators. Turning on your boiler after the summer, you might notice that after running the heating for a while, not all the radiators warm up as quickly as they should. This is most likely due to air in the radiator. To bleed a radiator, you will need a rag and a radiator key. Lay something down to protect the carpet in case of leakage. Turn the key in the valve about 45 degrees anti-clockwise and catch any escaping water with the rag. You should hear any trapped air escaping with a hissing noise.

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Still having radiator problems?

Then it could be one of these following issues:

Valve painted over – If you or someone else has painted, the valve might have been painted over as well. Applying some elbow grease and a squirt of WD40 should do it but if not, you might need to call in a professional.

Radiator is hot at top but not at the bottom – This is most likely due to sludge collecting in the bottom of your radiator. Your central heating system will need a powerflush and you should call a professional.

No heat from Radiator – Check to see that the valve at the bottom of the radiator is open. It will turn clockwise. If it is open and the radiator is still not heating up, this could mean a problem with the valve. If you need to replace the valve, we would always recommend that you opt for a thermostatic radiator valve as it gives you the ability to adjust the heat setting of the radiator according to your needs.

When the boiler is running, ensure the pressure gauge is operating to the Manufacturer’s recommended pressure levels. If the pressure is too low, then you can top it up, but this needs to be done carefully as a part called the Pressure Release Valve is easy to damage. If in any doubt, call in a professional to carry out a thorough service. For Boiler Installation Gloucester, contact a trusted local company. A Gloucester boiler installation company like HPR Services Ltd can help.

Always check that the flame in your boiler is blue. If it ever appears as orange or yellow, contact a Gas Engineer immediately as this can indicate a fault with your boiler.

Never attempt to carry out repairs to a boiler yourself. Whoever repairs or replaces your boiler must be a Gas Safe Registered engineer. What is important is having the knowledge to spot when there might be an issue and keeping the boiler accessible while taking measures to prevent any unnecessary damage.

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