11 simple and cheap tips to decorate your terrace

Decorate your terrace

11 simple and cheap tips to decorate your terrace

With a little imagination and expertise on DIY we can get to our terrace decorated and welcoming place without spending money more.

In many of the small city apartments, the terrace is the only place where you can enjoy the outdoors. Of course, you can also make part of the design of large houses or more than one floor.

Whatever the case, it is a harmonious area where you can enjoy the sunlight, fresh air and a very different interior environment.

Therefore, for some time many are interested by decorating it and give it a more welcoming to look the entire family.

In this sense, there are several accessories and furniture to modify it to make it more comfortable and attractive. Here we share 11 good ideas do not hesitate to try at home without spending too much. Take note!

Decorate your terrace

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1. Place shelves

One of the best ways to take advantage of the reduced space of the terrace is putting shelves on the walls. These are very easy to install and serve to place small decorative objects or potted flowers.

2. Use colorful fabrics

To make the place more inspiring and attractive, choose fabrics and fabrics of various colors. Try these are resistant to sun to not deteriorate soon. Note this trick for decorating furniture, chairs, shelves and all kinds of accessory balcony.

3. Illuminated Environment

Lighting plays a major role in the atmosphere of this space. During the day you can take advantage of the sun, but for the night must install lamps, bulbs and other light sources. Create your own candelabra recycled or make some nice lamps with colored glass bottles.

4. Use wooden boxes

Fruit boxes or wooden crates that are non – functional can be painted to have an alternative to the pots. This is an interesting proposal because the wood will give a homey touch to the place.

5. Do not forget plants

Select several species of small plants is the best way to give a relaxing and harmonious air to this space. It must take into account its shapes and colors to match each other and do not look the saturated site.

6. Furniture with tire

Furniture tires are a classic in what has to do with decoration and recycling. These are not only economic but rather give it a very nice place design. All can be lined with furniture fabrics or other materials to give them a more attractive and comfortable look. In the example image a proposal with thick rope, which is fixed with silicon or other thin glue is released.

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7. Hanging plants on a staircase

A useless and old staircase can be transformed into an article for hanging various types of plants. Place it in a corner of the terrace, put the herbs you want and make sure it is securely locked.

8. Decorating with pallets

With pallets we have shared various types of crafts, both inside and for the garden and other external areas of the home, by the fact that a resistant material, we can give you different ways and create various types of furniture.

9. Table with an industrial coil

Industrial wiring coils are very useful for creating crafts and also be used as part of the decoration of the terrace. If you use a paint that matches the rest of the decoration you can make a table very beautiful and useful center.

10. Seat with plastic box

Plastic boxes are those in which the gas, water and other types of commercial beverages is transported. If for some reason you accounts with one or two at home, try to make this decorative chair recycled. Make a small opening in one side using a jig saw, secure it on the floor with screws and give some comfort with soft cushions.

11. Plants in glass jars

The glass jars give a nice appearance and spaces are quite useful for storing various objects. In this special case, we recommend fixing them on wooden boards to fill them with soil and planting small plants.

As you can tell, you need not purchase expensive items to make your terrace a more attractive and beautiful place. Consider these simple tricks, be encouraged to recycle and make it your meeting point with your loved ones. Visit http://diffone.com/ for more tips and reviews on home interior.

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