How to make peach color at home

We have to break the news to you right now. The peach color is back in fashion. But the question is … did I ever stop? A perfect peach shade is made up of a mix of different shades of pinks and reds. Peach paint color is the best shade for a living room or bedroom wall if you prefer.

Halloween painting at home: pumpkins, garlands, and lots of imagination to celebrate safely with the children

This year it will not be possible to celebrate in clubs, organize noisy parties at home and go around shouting ‘trick or treat’, but you can still experience the Halloween party within the walls of the house celebrating with your children. It’s just a little while now and if you are planning to turn your sweet home into one of the horrors, then we suggest some tips for a perfect Halloween-style set-up.

Here are some tips on how to create   DIY decorations for young and old, cheap and easy to make.

The entrance

For the little ones, you can apply stickers and create monstrous faces, or add pumpkins, cobwebs, sheets to recreate ghosts.

DIY garland

The entrance can be decorated with a DIY garland. Here is what you need:

  • wire for florists, available in flower shops but also at hardware stores;
  • vine shoots;
  • black acrylic paint;
  • spray and brush;
  • plastic snakes, available at toy stores.

It will be necessary to paint the vine shoots and snakes with black paint first and allow them to dry. In the meantime, you make the wreath by wrapping the wire around itself and painting it black with spray paint. Once this is done, fix the branches and snakes as you like.


At this time of the year, the shops sell everything they need for decorations: tablecloths, fake cobwebs, pumpkins, candles, candles, masks, costumes, skeletons and skulls to be placed here and there are ideal for creating the right atmosphere.

Those who love DIY, can’t help but lose their head in making the classic lantern using a  pumpkin. How to proceed?

Get a pumpkin with a regular shape and a nice orange tone. With the help of a knife, make a hole in the pumpkin that has a diameter of at least 10 cm, so as to easily allow the insertion of the candle, using an awl and a spoon then empty the pumpkin. Once the hardest part of the job is finished, we move on to the more creative one, giving a face to the lantern. To do this, the components of the face must be drawn or printed individually. Secure the cutouts on the pumpkin with scotch tape and make them using a cutter for finishing. Once complete, insert a small candle inside the pumpkin.

Ready, set … virtual partyHalloween painting

Once you are ready, with the themed decorated house and you dressed up and dressed up with your children, you can organize a virtual party with classmates or sports friends. All connected you will be ready to spend an evening between remote games and maybe having a snack based on scary biscuits.

How to make purple paint?

To paint a beautiful eggplant in still life, to outline the flower of the same name, to create a dream sunset: the purple color is certainly very present in the world of painting, as in the real one. You must know that, among vegetables, the presence of the purple color is often a symptom of the presence of anthocyanins. And therefore of water-soluble dyes that are found in particular in cornflowers, blackberries, cherries, grapes … and so on.

How Long Does Paint Take to Dry? First and Second Coating

How long the interior paint takes to dry depends on several factors. The most important are: the type of paint and the drying conditions. For a successful painting project, you need to know how long does paint take to dry before applying a first and second coat using masking tape and cleaning surfaces. It is recommended to observe drying and recoating times for each type of paint that will vary but will be noted on the product label.

Ideas for painting walls in soothing colors

A house that invites relaxation is a home cozy. You may find this sense of calm and tranquility through color we use in the walls, because we can paint shades that create quiet and very pleasant surroundings. Today we will see some ideas to help you get it, using tones that favor the serene relaxation we want to achieve, fundamental to the bedroom, but ideal for any room in your home.

Brown colors

Brown is the color own stability and confidence, so it is very appropriate to create those spaces that encourage relaxation. If you find a tone a bit “bland” you can give a note of color with decorative details, textiles or furniture, always without introducing much fanfare if what we want is just a peaceful stay.

How to Hide Wall Imperfections With Paint, Stickers and Wallpapers

Holes of paintings off the hook, stains of humidity, cracks, paint that has leaked. There are many imperfections that over time can appear on the walls of the house. Whether for reasons beyond our control or for our cause, the defects that may appear in our home force us to act if we want to keep the walls impeccable.

How to Make Paint Dry Fast? Step by Step Easy Method

At first, we should know how long does it take for paint to dry. It is written on the paint bucket details. It doesn’t matter if we dedicate ourselves to decoration, painting or DIY. Drying paints can be a problem. Sometimes it considerably slows the painting processes. And others, if we do not prevent ourselves correctly, cause strokes. Stains, sprays, cracks … So, next, we will talk about how to make paint dry fast.

The Mystery of the Old Damask Pattern

We all know and are accustomed to the damask floral pattern, we see it in every new collection of classic wallpaper or textiles. Variants and interpretations of a Damask pattern are endless set, and it can be easily found in any wallpaper store or interior of fabrics. We ardently loved this ornament and already recognized it as a modern classic. However, not everyone knows where this mysterious design comes from.

5 colors recommended to paint the walls of the kitchen

One of the best ways to give a new air to any space in the home is to paint the walls in a different color. Of course, if you choose this option, you should know that depending on the stay and the characteristics of this, you should opt for some tones before others. And you know that colors have a lot of influence both in the perception of space and in the mood.

If you feel like giving a change of air to the kitchen or believe that the walls of this important space in your home need a coat of paint, do not think about it anymore and get down to work. As you know, you can paint them even if they are covered with tiles, since in the market it is possible to find specific paint for this purpose. To give you a hand with this task, today we are going to propose five colors that are ideal for the kitchen. Would you like to join us?

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