Ideas for introducing the cork in your decor

The cork is a material with many applications. It can be used as insulation in floors and walls or awaken your creative side by making crafts with bottle caps. But today we will take a step further to discover ideas to incorporate into your decor in a very visual and elegant way. Even in the furniture themselves. Then let’s see how you can make that contribution personality and warmth where you put it.

cork in your decor
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The cork in the kitchen

One of the rooms where force is being introduced with this material is in the kitchen. You can see it on the furniture, to dress cabinet doors, for example. It is very decorative, with some very special Nordic air, but also becomes an element isolated from the high temperatures, but not avoid being affected by the steam condenses in this place. So you must apply a certain treatment if you are going to put in the kitchen or bathroom.

Furniture Cork

I liked much cork furniture. So I tell you that you can find everything from vases to tables, stools, chairs, fixtures for lamps … look great combined with any metallic element, for example in the case of the legs of chairs or stools, darker contrasting tone, or with only the cork as a main character. It gives a very natural air to the rooms.

cork in your decor
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In the walls

One of the most frequent uses of cork in the interior is to cover ambien walls. Aesthetically they are very good and also a perfect insulation for your stays. Get provide warmth where you put it. It is simple but always effective.

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In a child’s room

Cork is very handy to decorate a child’s room. You can put on the floor, as it is warm and comfortable for children to play on it, and also on the walls so they can hang their drawings or favorite photos.

cork in your decor
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Cork to decorate your office

Surely you remember those corks you had in your room where you collocates photos and memories with a colored pushpins. Now this idea that maybe keep using evolving into much larger panels that can get to dress up an entire wall. I love how they look in the offices, giving a cozy feel to this workspace while it helps you keep in order and view your ideas.

Geometric forms

Cork is a material durable, lightweight and elastic. As we have said before, it is a terrific acoustic and thermal insulation, hence the choice to cover walls and provide great personality to the rooms. Because it is easily workable silhouettes cork can, for example, and put them on the wall to make a fully customized design. Do shaped cloud, map, flower or simply geometric shapes. You can even paint them any color if you like.

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