Halloween painting at home: pumpkins, garlands, and lots of imagination to celebrate safely with the children

This year it will not be possible to celebrate in clubs, organize noisy parties at home and go around shouting ‘trick or treat’, but you can still experience the Halloween party within the walls of the house celebrating with your children. It’s just a little while now and if you are planning to turn your sweet home into one of the horrors, then we suggest some tips for a perfect Halloween-style set-up.

Here are some tips on how to create   DIY decorations for young and old, cheap and easy to make.

The entrance

For the little ones, you can apply stickers and create monstrous faces, or add pumpkins, cobwebs, sheets to recreate ghosts.

DIY garland

The entrance can be decorated with a DIY garland. Here is what you need:

  • wire for florists, available in flower shops but also at hardware stores;
  • vine shoots;
  • black acrylic paint;
  • spray and brush;
  • plastic snakes, available at toy stores.

It will be necessary to paint the vine shoots and snakes with black paint first and allow them to dry. In the meantime, you make the wreath by wrapping the wire around itself and painting it black with spray paint. Once this is done, fix the branches and snakes as you like.


At this time of the year, the shops sell everything they need for decorations: tablecloths, fake cobwebs, pumpkins, candles, candles, masks, costumes, skeletons and skulls to be placed here and there are ideal for creating the right atmosphere.

Those who love DIY, can’t help but lose their head in making the classic lantern using a  pumpkin. How to proceed?

Get a pumpkin with a regular shape and a nice orange tone. With the help of a knife, make a hole in the pumpkin that has a diameter of at least 10 cm, so as to easily allow the insertion of the candle, using an awl and a spoon then empty the pumpkin. Once the hardest part of the job is finished, we move on to the more creative one, giving a face to the lantern. To do this, the components of the face must be drawn or printed individually. Secure the cutouts on the pumpkin with scotch tape and make them using a cutter for finishing. Once complete, insert a small candle inside the pumpkin.

Ready, set … virtual partyHalloween painting

Once you are ready, with the themed decorated house and you dressed up and dressed up with your children, you can organize a virtual party with classmates or sports friends. All connected you will be ready to spend an evening between remote games and maybe having a snack based on scary biscuits.

How to Hide Wall Imperfections With Paint, Stickers and Wallpapers

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How to Iron Linen Curtains? Best and Safe Way

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How to make a decorative terrarium for a carnivorous plant

If you are passionate about the decoration with plants, this craft that I teach you today I think you will like it. Let’s change the succulent we could put in this container for a carnivorous plant, what do you think? It is the idea that we propose from the blog Good House Keeping and the truth is that I have loved it that is why I bring it here so that you learn to design this terrarium so decorative through a very simple steps.

3 crafts made with flowers

Tell him with flowers! It does not matter how Valentine has already passed, love must be celebrated every day and if it is with flowers, much better. Today I am going to teach you three very simple and simple manual of the blog A Pair and a Spare with which you will be able to fill of color and joy your house thanks to the flowers. As you will see, they are very easy to prepare, but always effective. Let’s get down to business!

Boxes with decorative flowers

The first craft that I tell you is to make beautiful decorative boxes with colorful flowers inside. The inspiration came to the author of this blog when she visited Kyoto, where she observed that flowers appeared in almost every corner in boxes. He fell in love with the idea and tried to see how they were left. Do you want to try it too? It’s that easy …

How to make a decorative fimo photo frame

The pictures are always decorative. They help us remember moments and people and look good anywhere you put them. We always get a smile to see that funny scene or to evoke that trip, so in your house should never be missing. There are many ways to place the photos. Framed, unframed, or subject of any original form.

Today I want to teach to make a craft that will help you put your memories of a colorful and decorative way. This is make a portafotos, or more, made from Fimo, that dough you can mold and then hardened. I’ll tell you all the steps below, you’ll see how easy it is.

How to Make a Poster with Neon Words

Today we’ll show you how you can create a bright neon sign where you can write the word you want, because you’ll make it fully customized. It is about designing that text with your own typography and choosing the backdrop on which you want it to be written. Let’s see the proposal blog Honestly WTF, but I invite you, on this basis, make your own fully adapted to your home decor.

The two main elements of this neon sign are the wire Electroluminescent neon and flexible sheet on which you’ll place. You can use a yarn of the size, length and color you like, and you need to be at least 6 millimeters thick. Here they have used a tropical print of the most fun but, as I say, you can use the one that you like the most.

DIY: Clock decorated with washi tape

The washi tape is a tape of colors and prints that has many decorative uses. It is very easy to use since it is cut with the fingers and if you want to take off it leaves no mark. Also, you can find all kinds of designs and prints, and more or less wide strips, so customization is total when you use it. Today we will see how you can make a fun clock helping washi tape. The idea is the blog Unleash Creative and is very simple to perform. Let’s work!

DIY: Homemade snow ball

Christmas is coming. There is still enough but the streets and storefronts are beginning to adorn themselves to receive it. If you want to start thinking about decorating your house I propose a simple and beautiful craft; It allows a degree of customization you can create a single motif and fully adapted to your tastes and style of your home.

It is making a ball home snow, the kind that you shake and fall flakes in the mini landscape created inside. But now you will be you who choose the elements on going to snow and type of container that will host. That does not have to be necessarily shaped ball … I’ll explain everything then.

How to make your own breakfast bar

Reviewing the different options that exist to save space at home, I came across this very decorative and easy solution to make with your own hands. I liked it so much I decided to dedicate an entire post to poderte explain well how to make it and so get a table where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner without taking up much room with her and also creating a corner very cool in your home. Let’s work…

DIY Geometric Shelves

The craft that we will learn to do today is very decorative and at the same time will help maintain order in every corner where you decide to place it. This is a DIY to create a geometric shelf, in this case have a hexagon and triangle, you can only do one of these forms, or combine both, or make them square … As you like! Here we leave you with guidelines that give us blog and then customize sure you get to create your own decor. We started!

2 DIY to decorate and order back to school

They have already started classes and backpacks are loaded with cases and pencils. Surely you have conditioned a place dedicated to the study at home but just in case you need some extra thought, today I want to show you two crafts really cool to decorate your home and also maintain order in that space where your kids get to do your homework. If you created your desk with retro style you can not miss these new DIY today. Let’s do it!

Wall hooks

We started with an idea of the blog Design Improvised which I loved because it is very practical and at the same time, very decorative. It is custom wall hooks that you can create for your children hang on them their equipment , clothing or any accessory that needs to be ordered.