Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

New house, empty house. The space to be filled is almost finished but she has no idea how to furnish the living room wall. Don’t panic, the solution is only one: organization.

Among inspirations, images, and photos, in this guide, you will find solutions to fill one or more walls and suggestions for decorating, equipping, or enhancing empty or bare walls.

Fill the living room walls: furnish or decorate?

It may seem trivial, but when it comes time to organize the living area, the priority is undoubtedly the furniture. Once the furnishings have been chosen, and even more so when they are arranged in the space, the living room will begin to take on the appearance of a welcoming and functional place, ready to be lived.

The first considerations are simple: what kind of wall do you have in the living room? And would you like to furnish an entire wall or decorate only a part of it?

Furnish a whole wallDining Room Wall Decor Ideas

To fill the entire wall you have to take into account two factors: the length of the wall and the width of the living room . Remember that the less is more rule is always valid, so overdoing the furniture becomes counterproductive.

Greenlight instead to minimal solutions, if you like the genre. Alternating full and empty spaces, asymmetries, and deconstructed compositions are useful for enhancing irregular walls and making the environment dynamic.

Furnish the wall behind the sofa

Once you have chosen the sofa, it is good to decide how to complete the rear wall. There are two possible situations: the sofa is leaning against the wall, so you will have to choose what to put on it; the sofa is in the center of the room, so you’ll have to think about what to put behind it.

In both cases, remember to leave enough space to not hinder the passage and to be able to sit comfortably on the sofa.

Furnish two walls in the living room

The living room is large, so why not occupy two neighboring walls? If you want to aim for a continuity effect, play on several fronts. Fill adjacent walls to give a sense of harmony, choose similar or identical finishes to ensure aesthetic consistency.

Corner of the living room

The smaller the living room, the more essential it becomes to exploit every available corner, in the true sense of the word. Unused corners are a veritable mine of centimeters to be exploited with space-saving solutions, suspended furniture, and accessories with reduced dimensions or that develop in height.

Furnishing ideas: which furniture to choose?

You have identified what to furnish, you just have to decide how to furnish the walls of the living room.

There are two ways: you can orient yourself on suspended furniture, which reflects the modern trend, or opt for furniture on feet or resting on the ground, no less appealing in terms of aesthetics.

Furniture to hang in the living room

There are at least three good reasons to choose suspended living room furniture. They offer a valid alternative to the classic equipped wall, do not take up floor space (some slim solutions are really smart), and are super, super modern.

Wall panels and TV stands

The TV cabinets find their natural habitat in the living room. Indispensable to make the environment convivial, over the years they have become real furnishing objects with which to embellish and set up a wall in the living area.

The slim or container models, then, make functionality their ace in the hole. Shallow, thin, small in size, they adapt perfectly to even the smallest walls.

Hanging bookcases

If you have many books but there is little space, the winning idea is only one: suspended bookcases. In a reading corner, near the TV or next to an armchair, they furnish even the bareest walls with style, thanks to a more or less contemporary design that elects them to queen of the living room.

Do you need to fill a high and narrow portion of the wall? Try vertical hanging bookcases.

Suspended cubes and containers

Contain, rearrange, hide. Wall units and suspended containers are the allies of mini living rooms, where space is reduced to a minimum. We like the idea that they furnish without exaggerating, that they conceal accessories without attracting attention.

An excellent alternative is the cubes, which together with the suspended shelves are perfect for creating personalized and colorful compositions.

Furnish with equipped walls (and more)

It goes without saying: the equipped walls are born to furnish… the walls.

Beyond pure logic, the advantage of choosing a living room composition lies in the extreme customization of the solutions, to be modulated on the available space – no matter how small or long the wall is.

Furnishing the living room without an equipped wall: is it possible?Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

Yes, of course, you can. There are excellent and very valid alternatives to compositions for the living room wall, and I don’t necessarily refer to suspended furniture. Between bookcases, sideboards, grandmother’s sideboards, and transformable furnishings, the solutions are practically endless. Here are some ideas.

Blue room: Blue color is an elegant and harmonious home

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea. It conveys a sense of calm and tranquility and, also, for this reason. It is one of the most popular choices in the field of interior design. Thanks to its multiple shades it fits perfectly with every style, from the most modern and minimalist to the most glamorous and chic, but with which colors is it better to combine it? And in which areas of the house? In this article, we talk about the blue color. Its combinations, and how to use it inside your home to create a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Purple room color: combinations and furnishing tips

Colors are a fundamental component in interior design. Furnishing does not only mean choosing the most suitable furniture for the various rooms, but also the right colors and combinations. In this article we talk about the purple color: elegant, mysterious, enveloping, but not always easy to use. Find out with which colors to combine it and how it can be used in each area of ​​the house.

Tips to get a vintage bathroom

The vintage style is fashionable. It is a type of delicate, pleasant, and very charming decoration. We have talked about vintage kitchens on many occasions, even bedrooms. And the bathroom? A vintage bathroom is a real sweetheart. Far from what we can imagine, it is not so difficult to achieve this aesthetic. Do you want to know how to do it?

What to Match with a Classic White Sofa?

Where do you start when you have to furnish a new living room or when you simply have to renovate it? An excellent starting point, to understand space management well, is certainly the sofa. And among the sofas, the white models are undoubtedly the most versatile, loved, and purchased ones. Here are some quick tips to understand how to organize or adapt a white upholstery, depending on the size, style, tastes, and, of course, on the space available.

How to clean white leather sofas

Are you in love with leather sofas? Have you always dreamed of buying a white leather sofa for your living room, but the thought that it can get dirty easily holds back your decision?

Leather is a material that is particularly suitable for people allergic to dust. In fact, the dust particles do not penetrate the skin and can be removed completely.

We recommend that you prevent your pets from coming into contact with the upholstery. Their nails can ruin the skin. Their saliva is very aggressive, like their other body fluids.

Do not use chemicals and dyes near your leather sofas. Keep products such as slamti, nail polish remover, bleach, glue, and household cleaners away from such furniture. In case you need to use them near your sofa, cover them. Avoid all products containing solvents or oils, as they could damage the surface of the leather.

Leather sofas, especially if covered with beautiful white leather, are so beautiful and are just as easy to get dirty.

Like all light colors, white is certainly the most elegant, luminous, neutral, and beautiful color and it is also the most delicate and dirty one.

Below you will find some tips that will certainly come in handy for cleaning your new white leather sofa.white leather sofa

The first advice we give you on how to clean white leather sofas concerns the routine maintenance of the sofa leather.

At least twice a year we recommend that you perform a thorough cleaning.

With a special cloth, dust the cushions and the body.

Dilute a liter of warm water by adding a small amount of Marseille liquid soap (or in any case neutral detergent).

With a damp cloth, clean the entire sofa, drying any areas that are wetter with a soft white cloth.

Avoid exposing the white leather sofa to direct sunlight and placing it too close to heat sources. The leather of the sofa is certainly as elegant as it is delicate.

This action allows you to prevent the yellowing of the white leather sofa.

First of all, it is good to know that the white leather sofa, if not cared for regularly, has a tendency to yellow.

The remedy for the yellowing of the sofa, caused more than by dirt from the passage of time and therefore by wear is the following:

Take a basin and fill it with hot water, spray it with a detergent to remove stains, and pass it vigorously on the yellowed part of the sofa until it disappears.

Immediately after that, take another cloth moistened only with water and start rinsing.

Your leather sofa, after this intervention, should change from yellowish to a shiny white.

How to clean wine from leather sofas?

It can happen. Perhaps it is one of the most frequent and annoying accidents that risk ruining the beloved leather sofa.

If you accidentally drop some wine on the leather sofa, don’t despair. Keep calm and intervene immediately by blotting the stain with a cloth or paper towel before it dries.

Take a sponge and dip it in a solution of warm water and a specific detergent to remove stains by carefully dabbing the area of ​​the stain.

Finally, with another damp cloth, rinse the part that you have removed and the sofa will be as good as new.

How to clean white leather sofas from ink?white leather sofa

Inkblots are really dangerous and annoying.

In the event of an ink stain on the leather sofa, it is essential to act immediately!

Blot the stain immediately with a dry cloth working from outside to inside to prevent the stain from spreading.

After blotting, use stain removers for ink stains.

You will find it in the leather cleaning kit that you will receive with the purchase of a Tino Mariani leather sofa.

Let the product act for about ten minutes so that the stain can dissolve. As the last step, pass an emollient product for the leather of your sofa that will make the surface smoother and softer.

How to choose round chair cushions ?

The round chairs are very elegant and represent an indispensable piece of furniture to combine with circular tables. Nobody forbids you to use round chairs with rectangular or square tables, but the visual effect is certainly not the best. There are wooden tables of indefinite shapes that almost resemble the trunk or branch of a tree, but rounded enough to accommodate circular chairs. If you want to place cushions on this type of chair, you will find an almost infinite choice.

As we have already had the opportunity to suggest, in the kitchen it is always good to use removable. Or easily washable cushions (perhaps in the washing machine) in order to remedy any type of stain. Having said that, let’s see what kind of chair we can find in this environment.

There are the classic metal chairs which, like their more squared “sisters”, give a vintage atmosphere to the kitchen. Some models are very colorful, so you just need to find round chair cushions in the same shade or, better, in a complementary color to break up the chromatic monotony. If you like lace and designs such as flowers and fruit, take care to use cushions with these characteristics on chairs with more dull colors. And also pay attention to how you have furnished the rest of the kitchen, from the tablecloth to the curtains so as not to mix too many different subjects.

Some more modern chairs with a metal frame have the seat already padded. so you will have to opt for thinner round cushions that act more like a cover or avoid them. On the wooden or straw chairs, the round cushions will still have to follow the style and chromatic needs of the rest of the room. And you can also choose plain colors or simply quilted if you prefer not to be too daring.

IN THE LIVING ROOMround chair cushions

In the room where you welcome guests or watch television, round chairs can be more elegant, perhaps in Vienna straw: usually this type of chair is already beautiful as it is. But if you need to use round cushions it would be better to use models with soft colors such as those of shabby chic; on a decorative level. You can play on the richness of the ruffles or on the bows that you can create with the laces of the cushion itself so that your chair appears almost dressed in an elegant way. If you prefer a more sober style, choose round cushions without laces or with hidden elastic. In general, even if the round chairs in your living room are made of wood. It is never good to use too bright colors in a living room and the same goes for cushions.


Do you have a nice big balcony or even a garden? Here, too, you can combine the right round chair cushions. For wrought iron chairs, very padded cushions will be needed to make the seat more comfortable (and, perhaps, the backrest too). If the chairs are very elaborate, simpler cushions with soft colors will be needed, perhaps recalling the green hues of the environment. In the case of even seats with rich mosaic-like decorations, using a cushion to cover everything is a real shame.

The situation changes for wicker and rattan chairs or armchairs. So fashionable today in the gardens: for this type of round chairs, you will not even need to stop the cushion with laces, as they will hold it perfectly without slipping. You can make a nice play of contrasts between the dark color of the seat and a nice light cushion, perhaps very simple and just quilted. If you have one of those egg-shaped swings that are on the cutting edge, a pillow is just the final cuddle to add.

The basic rule of garden chair cushions, round or not, is to use pastel colors that are in tune with the surrounding nature.

6 tips for choosing the small table

An essential piece of furniture in our living room is undoubtedly the small table, being a basic element that accompanies sofas and must be perfect. Therefore, when decorating our room it is important to think about factors such as its size, design, and functionality.

Although sofas are decisive in choosing the small table, they can be the protagonists of the decoration of the room, so space and style are factors that must also be taken into account. Here are the best tips for choosing the perfect coffee table.

Measure the spacesmall table

Before choosing a small table, it is important to analyze the available space, as this will determine its size. Ideally, the length of the table should not be less than half the sofa, otherwise, it will look very small.

On the other hand, if the space between the sofa and the television or the bookcase is limited, make sure that the table you choose has between 40 and 50 cm around to move freely. You can take measurements and tape the floor to check the space before you buy the table.

Play with heights

Traditionally, the height of the small table should not exceed that of the sofa, so as not to lose visibility and create a visual effect in which the room looks smaller than it is. However, low tables are one of the strongest trends that add a minimalist and modern touch to your room. In the same way, nesting tables are an excellent option, since you can play with different heights and use them as it suits you.

The materials

The material of the table is essential, as it can determine the style of the decoration. Generally, wooden tables are more traditional, while glass tables add a modern touch to your room. On the other hand, materials such as marble and micro cement give an elegant and sophisticated touch to space, especially if they are combined with other materials such as metal.

Different wayssmall table

Although the most common small tables are rectangular or oval, there is a wide variety of designs that can totally change the decoration of your room. Round, hexagonal or asymmetrical tables are an excellent option if you want to give a more modern touch to this space.

Its functionality

When choosing the small table, we must think about all the uses that we will give it. If you want the table to be the protagonist of the decoration, you can opt for an unconventional design and material. Also, there are tables whose design is used to store objects such as books, magazines, etc.

If, on the other hand, the table will serve as a support to place snacks, drinks, and dishes, it will be necessary to think of a resistant material that is easy to clean. Similarly, if there are children at home, it is better to choose tables with round corners and avoid materials such as glass.

Gray Sofa: Match pillows and rug for a new look

The search for the sofa for the living room is one of the most important issues that you face when you are deciding the interior design and furnishing of the living areaThere are sofas of beautiful colorswhich we all fall in love with by browsing the pages of magazinesbut then when you are in the shop to browse the fabric folder to identify which will be the right one for our homewe often opt for a more neutral.

The reasons are manyit does not tire over timeit does not go out of fashionit goes well with other furnishingsthat maybe we already haveResultIn the endgray is one of the most popular colorsAnd even if it is a choice that at first glance may seem trivial or even sadit is not at all.

Because even a gray sofa can be a piece with great personalityIt is certainly easy and practicalalso because it is the color that gets the least dirtybut it can completely change its image depending on the material of the upholstery and how the textile accessories are combinedsuch as cushions and carpets for the living room.

Light Gray SofaMatch pillows and rugsGray Sofa

A sofa with geometric linesperfectrigidlike the one in the photo aboveIn contrast to the curved carpet in shades of gray and beige and the coffeecolored velvet cushions with cold iridescent reflectionsthe armchair that seems to come from spacewith bolidist linesrounded lamps like a cartoonWe are in a house where design is the absolute protagonist and the sofa calibrates the image of the whole space in a perfect way.

Nordic style

A light gray sofawith clean linescombined with a wall covered in light wood and completed by furniture with an essential designhere is a clear and bright atmospherein a less is more style , minimal but very warm and comfortableJust add some cream or ivory colored wool elementssuch as a cushiona plaid, or a white faux fur rugto obtain that pleasant atmosphere that characterizes the interiors of the Nordic countries.

Informal look

The easy style  is particularly suitable for a home inhabited by young peoplea  light gray sofa with patterned cushions in shades of blue and white goes well with the concrete gray walls and almost disappears into the environmentThe metal Venetian blinds and the ceiling lamp can also be of the same stylewhile the ideal standout element is a green piece of furniturewhich attracts the eyeAnd the roundhazelnut colored carpet with a white sculptural table become the main furnishing elements.

Twotonepurple and gray

Light gray lends itself to being combined with a strong and intense nuancea purple chaise longue adds a pop touch to the ensemblecombined with cushions of different shades of the same colorAnd it harmonizes perfectly with the wall decorated with stucco boiserie with a classic flavorit is that note of panache that creates the right contrast between a classic style environment and a piece of furniture that demystifies it.

New Classic

A sofa with a mélange fabric in shades of light grayquiltedwith a classic shapeIn the image below it is combined with a carpet in the same color and surrounded by walls covered with a dovecolored squared panelinga wellcalibrated palettemade of neutral but not boring tonesthanks also to the addition of powder blue cushions and patterns white and ocher and aubergine pleidall of the different materialsA comfortable style that makes you feel at homebut with a note of classic elegance.

Loft style

From a couple of New York architects comes the inspiration for a corner sofa but with contained shapesin a very light gray colorwhich leaves the surrounding objects protagonistsLike a contemporary painting in shades of pinka pair of glass and brass coffee tables on a large smoky gray carpetand much twotone jade greenturquoise, and midnight blue cushions to liven up the composition.

NeofolkGray Sofa

Two simple platforms in white masonrywith light gray mattresses that make them two comfortable sofaslocated next to an always white and very natural corner fireplaceIn the Ibiza house of fashion manager Sarah Crook, there is always an air of vacationThanks also to some ethnic touches such as the Moroccan carpet and other fabrics with a Mediterranean flavorit becomes light and easy but with a lot of styles.

Like a sculpture

What if the sofa has a sculpturalalmost aerodynamic lineThe gray cladding in this case makes it more suitable for any environmentwhen the shape is already very particularif you add a strong colorthe overall result becomes too muchJust a mustard silk pillow and a rug with maxi geometries in shades of beigepink and blueAnother touch of color is reserved for the matching electric blue armchairwith a softer shape.

Feminine and Parisian

In a French apartmenta small velvet sofa with a sinuous shape in a shade of ice gray illuminated by limecolored cushions of the same fabric and perfectly centered under a windowThe symmetry is underlined by the two coppercolored wall lampsthe white coffee table, and the two leather armchairsnothing to addnothing to take awaya set of perfect formal and very welcoming balance.

Pillows and rugs for a dark gray sofa

Décor  The classic gray sofa can be totally revolutionized by adding colored cushionseven better if with patternsand then a carpet with a strong color or even a contrasting painted wall that makes it almost disappearIn this casethe sofa is not the protagonist of the interior but plays its role as a comfortable and transformable seat.

Design icons  Sofas that are great design classics are often made of gray leatherLike this onewhich speaks perfectly with all the other elements of the roomwith perfect lineswhere rigor and formal cleanliness reignA very balanced staywith a timeless style.

Country chic

A sofa covered in linenin a brand new shade of very dark graywe are more used to seeing linen declined in light and natural tonesbut in this version, it acquires much more gritAnd it goes perfectly with many ton sur ton dark blue and dark brown cushions used as backrestcombined with light wood furniture and a few other small details it becomes the emblem of relaxation and informal style perfect for a country house.


If the sofa has geometric but soft linescovered with  a slightly masculine dark gray wool fabricit is better to focus on the contrasts between shape and materialCombined with ivory square cushions and a dark wood wall or floorit becomes a very elegant solutionideal for a sober and refined interior.

Warm tones

A mélange gray sofa that tends to the darklocated in the center of a large room combined with warm velvet cushionsdove graygold, and peach, and designer design choicesfrom armchairs to lampsAt the center of a large London smoke carpethere is an example in which the sofa becomes the protagonist of the environmentand in which the color of the sofawhile being so neutralmakes it appear in its best light.

Formal cleanliness and vintage touches

In a sober and charming environmentlike an old English townhousecharacterized by a honey parquet floora black painted fireplacea large dark gray essential sofa dominatesequipped with a small lighter gray carpetmat and two patterned cushions black and whiteAll in perfect balanceminimal but not coldthanks also to the works of art hanging on the wallsalways in Black and White.

Shades of pink

To refine an imposing volume sofa in smoky gray velvetcushions, and poufs in shades of cyclamenbaby pink and fuchsia are idealBetter if combined with a pouf with a metal baseto add a light point.


A sofa that is almost a benchwith a very dark gray padded mattress and roll cushions, and an exposed iron structureAn example of pure essentialitywarmed by the characteristics of the roomwith whitened wooden beams and many windows that open onto a beautiful panoramaThe play between the different materials and the sober but different patterns is beautifulamong the various cushions with Scottish motifstartan and plain colorsThe carpetin a bright blue contrasting coloris the touch that breaks the monochrome and adds an extra twist.

Vintage style

How and with what to combine a classic and dark sofato make it more elegant and specialJust choose a maxi rug with a light-colored checkered basetoneontone cushions with some special touches of round shapes and dusty colors, and a raspberry blanketMaybe even an emerald green velvet armchair and a salmon screenAnd here he is transforming into a whole new guise as if he were the protagonist of a vintage style film.

How to choose the wall clock, useful tips

Looking for advice on how to choose your wall clock? The timepiece to hang on the wall is one of the complements that cannot be missing in a home. The concept of the recording of life that flows has fascinated since ancient times, then translated into a compact mechanism known throughout the world, also the subject of various stylistic interpretations. To make sure you choose the right wall clock, don’t miss our tips!

Wall clock how to choose

Looking for advice on how to choose your wall clock? The timepiece to hang on the wall is one of the complements that cannot be missing in a home. The concept of the recording of life that flows has fascinated since ancient times, then translated into a compact mechanism known throughout the world, also the subject of various stylistic interpretations. To make sure you choose the right wall clock, don’t miss our tips!


wall clock

The wall clock for the kitchen is often interpreted in the more traditional version, with a stainless steel frame and front glass protection. The numbers are large and clearly visible, generally declined in black on a white background. Of course, it is not the only type that can be hung in this room, but the very function of the kitchen, as a work and passage area, makes essential aesthetics ideal.


The wall clock for the living room is characterized by a more captivating style. In the furnishing of the living area, essentially two trends are followed in the choice of the timepiece. The first leaves room for classic watches; they dominate the wall showing all their ancient charm. The second gives voice to the desire for creativity and innovation. The wall is embellished with modern wall clocks that interpret the most traditional piece of furniture in new forms. In the Pintdecor model that we propose, the central element is suspended on ropes that end on a hand-decorated silver leaf frame. A truly elegant piece!

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Geographic map and timepiece at the same time? The solution is the planisphere wall clock, here in the stainless steel version by Carluccio Design by Marco Carluccio. It has different quadrants scattered among the various cities of the world: New York, Milan, Tokyo, and Sidney. It is perfect for the living area where it is a candidate to become the real protagonist of the furniture!


And how can you resist the charm of wood? Those who have decided to furnish their home in a country chic style or have opted for total white furniture with parquet, in essence, will certainly find the choice of a wooden wall clock right. The types are really many but here we want to suggest the Kangourooo model made by Diamantini & Domeniconi. It takes its name from the pocket that recalls that of the kangaroo and makes it, at the same time, a watch and an empty pocket.


The pendulum wall clock is one of the most common types. It has a vintage charm that often mixes with more modern style details. Furthermore, the contrast between lacquered surfaces and metal inserts make it an absolutely unique piece. In fact, it continues to be one of the most popular wall clocks.


A children’s wall clock cannot be missing in the children’s room, but which one to choose? The best types are funny ones, characterized by fairy tale characters or cute little animals. An example is offered by George Nelson’s Zoo Timers for Vitra: it is a model with a multicolored print that allows children to learn to read the time in a playful and cheerful way.