Ideas to decorate Christmas with Nordic style

If you like Scandinavian decoration, you will also like to decorate Christmas with elements typical of the Nordic style. I bring you several ideas so that you design a very cozy and special Nordic Christmas decoration. If you read us often, you will know that this decoration is characterized by using wood and white as the base. It is bright and committed to simplicity. Well now, we will move this to Christmas and you will see what beautiful decoration you can design.

Ideas to decorate the dining room at Christmas

There is still a lot of time to celebrate Christmas but I want to give you small brushstrokes as practical ideas so that you do not spend your time on top and you can prepare the best decoration for those special days.

Today I want to focus on the dining room. It is the stay of the house we frequent most during Christmas, since it becomes the meeting point and family reunion and among friends, especially around the table where you can enjoy rich and hearty feasts. Therefore, we will decorate it in an incredible way so that all your guests feel at home. There are many possibilities. Let’s see some!

Ideas to decorate your living room this autumn

It seemed that autumn was reluctant to arrive and today we have already gotten up with some rain. Fortunately! Taking advantage of the fact that the sky has darkened and that you want to stay at home, I am going to give you some ideas to decorate your living room in a very autumnal way . They are small changes that you can make to the decoration of the room so that it has that warm and warm touch typical of this season. You’ll see how easy it is!

Ideas to decorate in black and white

Black and white decoration does not have to be boring. In fact, introducing these two colors will create an elegant and relaxing atmosphere at the same time. This combination allows designing from sophisticated interiors to simpler ones, but always effective. Today we will see several ideas for decorating in black and white. Because many times, as I always like to tell you, less is more.

Ideas to decorate your home without spending money

You can decorate spending very little money or without spending anything. If you do not know where to start, take note of the ideas, I teach you today, as they will help you create very nice rooms in your house without spending large amounts for it. It is to have creativity and exploit the resources you already have in your home to give new uses and get an interior with great style and personality. Let’s see how…

Branches and trunks

When you go for a walk through the countryside grab a good collection of branches and trunks; you will come great for decorating. You can place the first in a bottle or glass vase, for example, and put the trunks forming a beautiful composition in a corner of the room, whether you have a fireplace or not.

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