Ideas for decorating in greige

The greige is trend in the fashion world and also in the decoration. It is a color halfway between gray and beige oil, which gives a touch of warmth and naturalness characteristic of both tones. It is ideal for creating sophisticated and serene environments, being able to play with several shades for both furniture to walls or decorative items.

Goes well with other colors and all this, and more, we will talk in today’s article. They are ideas to introduce the greige in decorating your home, are you game?

decorating in greige
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Greige walls

One way to bring the greige to your home is through the walls. You can paint one or all of the entire room, the same tone or introducing greater intensity in the main wall, for example.

How to combine the greige?

Being a rather neutral color can be supplemented with almost any other. It looks great with gray, black, white and metallic, but you can also give you a touch of joy with details in green, yellow, turquoise, purple or pale pink. Is well with wooden furniture and also with metal or stone, all natural, so you get to create in your home very welcoming and special corners.

decorating in greige
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In furniture

Another way to use this color is through furniture. For example, in a nice lounge chair, on the couch or in a closet. You can also use it in the kitchen chairs or on stools. It looks great in any room where ubiques.

Decorative elements

If you do not want to use it on walls or furniture but if you fancy a touch of greige to your decor, nothing better than through smaller items such as textiles such as pillows or blankets, a rug, a picture frame or a vase.

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Decorative styles

This color is well suited to all decorative styles. For example, if you want to create a classic and elegant decor you can use in upholstered armchairs. Or if you prefer a style vintage, combine it with furniture and pieces of wood and leather. It is also ideal for the Scandinavian style if you enter into furniture or textiles on white walls. Also suitable for industrial environments; you can use in furniture, walls and floors or to paint the pipes that let in sight.

decorating in greige
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Greige for the kitchen

In the kitchen the greige is sensational. You can use it for cabinets, lamps, floor or any decorative element you fancy introduce this stay. Look at these examples and see that makes you want to get cooking in these rooms…

In the bedroom

You can introduce this color in the bedroom in many ways. Through the walls, painted or with some impressive role in these colors, and also with textiles, using bedding, blankets or cushions through the distinct intensities, will allow to create a atmosphere relaxing and serene, perfect for this stay.

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