What to say when you meet with your architect

What to say when you meet with your architect

Invite an architect to your home for a visit

You chose the architect because you liked his or her style. Do they know you? Your architect must get to know what you like and how you want your space to look. You should put yourself into the design. Don’t rely solely on your architect.

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Tell the architect about yourself

Your architect should be aware of your personality and values, as well as your design. Do you enjoy the outdoors? Are sustainability issues important to you? Are you concerned about energy efficiency? Tell your architect about all this from the beginning so that it can be incorporated into the design.

Your habits

Your daily habits may be relevant for the design. You might want to consider the location of your room if you are a morning person. You should let your architect know if you don’t want to share a bathroom sink with your partner. You may not need a large kitchen if you only cook once a month and don’t have any guests. If you like to entertain and host dinner parties regularly, let your architect know. For Residential Architects, visit https://www.quattrodesign

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Your possessions

Are you a minimalist? Do you have a closet full of shoes or tons of books? Have a large art collection? Have a large collection of Star Wars collectibles? Tell your architect if you are a big family with lots of things or a smaller family with a few treasured items. This will help them create the perfect space for your family.

Introduce your architect to your family (and pets)

It’s a great idea for them to meet your entire family so that they can understand your individual needs. Tell your architect that you do not want to have a huge room for yourself, and small rooms for the children, but would rather they have plenty of space as they grow into teenagers. Tell your architect if you are not planning to have children in the near future but will be. If you plan to move your kids out of the house soon, maybe the floor plan will reflect that.