Why not crochet an autumn wreath?

Why not crochet an autumn wreath?

Get your home ready for autumn by creating a stunning wreath. Bursting with all the vibes of the season and plenty of character, you can easily create an exquisite crocheted wreath featuring natural flowers, leaves or acorns. Designed for either the interior or exterior, a crocheted autumn wreath will add charm to your home.

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What is needed to create a wreath?

You will need crochet hooks in your chosen size, your yarn in orange, brown, yellow and red, a yarn needle, a pair of scissors, your decorative additions, and a hot glue gun. Once you have created your wreath and arranged the leaves and decorations, make sure all the loose ends are neatly tucked away to give the wreath a flawless appearance. If you see a pattern online, feel free to adapt it to suit your style.

How is a wreath hung?

Attach a loop to the back of the wreath so that you can hang it in your chosen place. Make sure the loop is sturdy, especially if you are attaching it to the door in your entrance hall. A decorative ribbon can be used.

Where can the wreath be hung?

Stage the wreath on a hook on the wall or on a mantlepiece to brighten up an area of the home; alternatively, mount it on the exterior of your door. You can also display it in a tired space in your lounge. You can add fresh or dried foliage or pinecones to your DIY project.

Where can you buy a crochet kit?

You can buy a variety of crochet kits to create a stunning new autumn wreath from suppliers around the country. Even if you are new to  crochet kits, there are online tutorials to help you create your wreath. Country Living  has a range of ideas for the season.

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What are the benefits of crochet?

Crocheting an autumnal wreath to get ready for those shorter days can be a relaxing way to enjoy the season while exercising your creative skills. It is a hobby that can be enjoyed by all ages.