Roof terrace: tips for living it day and night

How to make the most of the roof terrace? How to make this space livable and welcoming? Ideas to fully enjoy it both day and night. Let yourself be intrigued by the charm of our fascinating proposals.

Summer, the season of being outdoors as much as possible, where in the morning we love to let ourselves be caressed by the sun and in the evening enjoy the view of a starry sky. Is there a better place than the terrace to enjoy all of this?

7 tips to black home decor

There is perhaps a more elegant color and at the same time with such a bad reputation as black. It is not that we cannot use it in our decoration, however, the fear of reducing or overloading spaces discourages us. If you are firm in your idea and want to include this color in the decoration of your house, we bring you a series of tricks that will help you with this objective:



Taking good measurements of the spaces that you want to open and communicate will help you get an idea of ​​what each room currently occupies and thus know if you want to give more meters to the kitchen and reduce the dining room, for example. When eliminating partitions, the sensation is always of greater amplitude although in reality you only gain centimeters.

Discover 7 Glam Living Room

The glamorous style is very elegant and at the same time has a lot going for it. That is why many homeowners are afraid to use it indoors. But is there anything to worry about? It turns out that fear can be exaggerated, and glamor in home interior design is not as difficult as it seems. Do you dream of a glamorous living room? Create it! We have prepared a few inspirations to help you. You can reproduce one of the ideas or use it as the basis for a fascinating interior.

Black ceiling in the interior of the living room

Black color is not only one of the most popular, it is rightly considered mysterious, contradictory. If in some cultures it is customary to compare it with pain, anarchism. Others exalt it as a symbol of wisdom, experience, secret knowledge. In the interior, it is used to create contrasts, to emphasize the brightness, richness, and saturation of all shades of the rainbow. An original solution, a recent trend in the design world, was a black ceiling in the interior. Such a decision will allow you to stand out, demonstrate originality, show a new look at familiar things.


When we choose white clothing, whether it be clothing such as sheets, towels, or tablecloths, we do it precisely for that: because we adore white. When that color fades, as is the typical case with yellowish-white sheets, we quickly start asking for advice, looking here and there with a single premise in mind, how to wash yellowish sheets?

10 keys to buying a trundle bed

The peculiarity of the trundle bed is that by including two beds in the same furniture we will be able to save space in the room and our children will enjoy more space. There are also trundle beds that have the structure of a sofa bed. In that case, the lower bed would be hidden inside a drawer. And we would only take it out when we needed it. Although they may seem like modern objects, the truth is that the origin of these beds comes from the Middle Ages. Being used so that the servants could watch over the sleep of their masters.