Ideas for Minimal Garden Design

minimal garden design

Ideas for Minimal Garden Design

If you intend to furnish a garden without spending a lot of money and at the same time inserting a few essential items and furnishings, you should opt for a minimal klonopin style. It is, in fact, a simple and cheap way to decorate the context with a certain effect without limiting the space available. In reference to this, here is a list with some minimal garden design.

Minimal garden design ideas

minimal garden design

Create wooden benches

A very particular idea, as well as being simple to furnish your garden in a minimal style, consists of creating benches by recycling wooden boards. In fact, if the latter is thick enough (at least 2 cm), you can place them on red bricks positioned one above the other flat on both sides (four on each side), leaving about 20 centimeters of margin on the right and left side of the table.

Fence the garden with pallets

Another idea that allows you to decorate your garden in a minimal style and at the same time in an economic way, consists of fencing it with pallets. In fact, the latter of the 100X100 cm type can be purchased or recycled and then placed vertically on the perimeter of the garden. For fixing just use wood screws that allow you to place them side by side without them falling.

Insert rattan furnishings

A decidedly economical and at the same time functional way to furnish the garden in a minimal style is to insert rattan furnishings such as armchairs and tables in the context. It is a light type of furniture so easy to move according to your needs, and suitable precisely for exposure to the elements.

Make borders with red bricks

Furnishing the garden does not only mean inserting furniture or other objects but also decorating it with a particular taste. To keep faith with the minimal style you have set yourself, the idea is to create borders with red bricks. In fact, it is sufficient to lay only one on the ground starting from one side of the flower bed, and then to place other ones up to fence the entire perimeter. The chromatic contrast between the red of the bricks and the green of the leaves gives you a really fine furnishing context, especially if you intend to set the garden in a rustic style.

Opt for black lacquered iron

The minimal type of furniture also suggests inserting linear furniture and furnishings in the context, and without particular decorations and moldings. In this regard, the idea is to opt for black lacquered iron, and with the help of a blacksmith or do it yourself you can create tables (with glass as a shelf), and also chairs and sofas. On the latter, you can then add cushions covered with white cotton pillowcases.

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