A very cool scandi decoration for summer

Inspired by the decoration of the Nordic countries, scandi style is highly topical. We see it everywhere: in magazines, in fashion catalogs … No one can resist to the scandi style.

A decoration that also finds its place during the warm summer months. In fact, it is the ideal place to cool the house with an air of northern bet. You sign up? In this article you will find the keys to the scandi decoration for the summer. Refresh yourself!

Total white

Because of its location, the Nordic countries enjoy a few hours of sunlight. Therefore, both the architecture of their homes and decorating their houses are designed to make light and openness in their spaces. To achieve this, the white is a great ally.

scandi decoration
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A bright and serene color that helps us gain meters at home, since white reflects light. A color for the Nordic betting both furniture and accessories. So do not be afraid to apply and is committed to a total look White in your room: white ceilings and walls, furniture and small accessories.

To accompany this color, nothing better than natural wood such as beige or cream and delicate tones soft like aqua, mint green, pale pink, blue sky … Your ideal for a Nordic decoration summer companions.

scandi decoration
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Lightweight and lightweight design

If we talk about furniture, choose the more traditional style scandi decorative pieces. We refer to the round tables of light legs and white. In general, succeed metal structures with geometric shapes that bring lightness to the environment, decorating it with minimalism. These parts make so light spaces appear less burdened, contributing to cool the decoration.

Scandi stools unmistakable style pastel colors are another great solution for a Nordic summer decor. Just they take up space, can be used as a seat and as a makeshift coffee table and also provide aesthetic lightness to the whole.

Nor should we forget the lively and innovative designs, where design retro spirit brings us the most daring Nordic. Asymmetrical furniture in different pastel shades give freshness and joy to the decor. At the same time, are lightweight pieces that decorate without recharging? A very important rule in a summer decor.

scandi decoration
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Pure nature

As for prints, geometric designs triumph that put the touch trendy spaces. But as it comes to cool the house in summer, our advice is to opt for references to nature. Pays tribute to Mother Earth with prints inspired by nature like leaves and soft shades of green.

Nordic style decor does not forget the pictures in minimalist version. Natural landscapes inspired by the cold Nordic countries, including Denmark, Norway and Sweden, bring us the refreshing air of this beautiful land.

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And speaking of nature, we should not forget the plants and flowers that add freshness and vitality to our spaces. Indispensable in the scandi style.

scandi decoration
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Good materials

Nor should we lose sight of the materials. The natural fibers such as flax, cotton and jute allow us to decorate the house with a natural and very refreshing touch. These textiles are hollow fibers through which both light and air circulate more easily. That is, they are tissues that transpire and lighten the house.

Wood is another favorite materials scandi style. Our advice is to opt for a design in its most natural version to avoid obscuring the environment. The rattan and wicker are also great choices for outdoor spaces. Like the glass and the delicate porcelain will bring elegance in the kitchen and dining room.

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