How to Choose Umbrellas for Patios

umbrellas for patios

How to Choose Umbrellas for Patios

If you have a garden and intend to furnish it with taste and at the same time you want to protect yourself from the sun in the summer, it is advisable to opt for a good umbrella. The choice must be made carefully evaluating first of all the quality of the fabric and the strength of the structure. Having said that, it is also important to add that there are at least three types of garden umbrellas to choose from, therefore the advice is to carefully read the various steps of this guide to know how to optimize the result.

How to choose umbrellas for patios?

The classic umbrella with straight and fixed shaft made of aluminum or wood with a round, square or rectangular shape in the fabric is an excellent choice to protect you from the hot summer sun and with a minimum of expense. It should also be added that this model is available in different colors and sizes, and usually, the parasol fabric is made of polyester and is fixed with steel, aluminum or wooden rods.

umbrellas for patios

Purchase an eccentric umbrella

The eccentric umbrella is the latest addition to the market and is ideal to buy to protect you from the sun on hot summer days in your garden. The peculiarity of this structure is linked to the fact that it is not fixed in the center of a table but on one side only. It is also adjustable thanks to a sliding part that rotates on the shaft axis with a practical crank. Among other things, this eccentric model can distribute a canvas of between 3 and 4 meters in length and the material is the same as the classic ones.

However, it should be noted that the structure is mainly designed in aluminum since it resists without any type of treatment in adverse weather conditions. Likewise, the polyester cloth is held by 6 or 8 steel rods depending on the diameter.

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Consider an adjustable umbrella

The fixed adjustable umbrella although it meets the same criteria as the classic one and to be inserted in the center of a table or in a special base in PVC or concrete is a purchase option to consider. In fact, it has a removable tree that can be oriented to protect you from the sun at any time of the day. Thanks to a patella (mechanical part) located in the upper part, the fabric can be oriented according to where the sun beats as it moves during the day. The operation is very simple and therefore this type of fixed but adjustable umbrella in terms of sun exposure is one of the most requested on the market and also boasts an excellent quality/price ratio.

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