10 indispensable plants for your terrace or balcony

indispensable plants

10 indispensable plants for your terrace or balcony

In good weather took the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor spaces and we get all the performance to the terraces and balconies. It does not matter if the latter are small, they are equally usable and we can decorate with great style. The flowers and plants help us bring joy and a lot of life to these places and, therefore, today we tell those who cannot miss.

Much will depend on the orientation of the terrace, the hours are going to be exposed to sun and shade and the climate of your city. Our recommendation is to ask where you acquire professional what will be the most suitable for your particular case. Here are 10 ideas…

indispensable plants

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1. Margaritas

You can find daisies of different colors and sizes. They need plenty of water and sun, but depend on each variety. They are very bright and fresh and if you want to look perfect most of the time to contribute to a special decoration of your terrace or balcony must remove the flowers that will be wilting to promote new ones arise.

2. Petunias

Petunias are perfect to decorate balconies. They are very colorful and although they seem delicate and fragile are easy to maintain and are very resistant. They need sun and well drained, and thus get to have a very colorful and beautiful appearance. Withstand high temperatures well.

3. Aromatic plants

They are my favorite. While not as showy tones contribute as above, these plants impregnate smells amazing anywhere where you decide to place. You can plant basil, mint, lavender, mint, oregano … It’s good to give them the sun and have the wet and drained soil. Again, each variety can have their peculiarities, so you will inform you if you need some special care.

4. Thoughts

The thoughts will help you dress colors your terrace or balcony. There are white, blue, yellow, violet, red, … They are widely used in exterior decoration; It is a flower season (winter) and you can plant next to bushes to create balanced compositions and prevent weeds appear. They also tend to preside over the balconies in planters.

5. Aloe vera

The aloe vera likes the sun, but if you expose too leaves can acquire an orange tone. In addition to decorate your terrace or balcony, you will have at your disposal a practical plant whose juice serves you for many things. In my house, I never fail!

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6. Geranios

Geranium is a summer flower that needs light and heat. They not lacking in virtually no terrace or balcony and is allowing a very nice decoration design thanks to its incredible flowers.

indispensable plants

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7. Roses

Roses are a symbol of beauty and elegance. While the sun and support they need to flourish and grow beautiful. They are very ornamental and you should pay special attention to your care to get that look in its entire splendor. You will find them in different colors.

8. Buganvillas

Bougainvilleas are climbing plants that you can use to decorate if you live in a place of coast, for example, because they do not support either low temperatures. You need light and direct sunlight. They can measure up to 10 centimeters high, so you can use them to decorate walls, fences and even a pergola.

9. Snapdragon

This curious plant will fill your terrace or balcony of a lush nature. You can plant the pot and bring colorful lot outside your home with flowers in pink, red, violet, yellow and white tones. They can reach two meters high.

10. Italian Jasmine

It is hardy and evergreen; its yellow flowers are very decorative and perfume your terrace in a special way with a very mild aroma. You can choose from more species of jasmine, which are quite…

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