Ideas for decorating minimalist interiors

Minimalism is one of those timeless decorative styles that use raw basic elements and simple for dressing rooms. Use functional design and furniture and get with all this, create an austere and effective decoration the same time, with prominence of straight and pure lines and under the premise of less is more. You get to enter your home in a special way we leave you with several ideas, which will help you get a minimalist decor comfortable, elegant, light and powerful.

White base

In a minimalist room you should opt for a neutral base color; white is a good choice. You can add small notes through supplements but always betting on a decoration without fanfare in the use of colors. You can leave the walls and white curtains and put a sofa in light brown or raw. The biggest contrast you can achieve combined black and white, an elegant choice and always effective in minimalist style. With gray it is also great.

decorating minimalist interiors
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Less is more

As I said, the premise of less is more is using this decorative style. It uses basic and simple furnishings, necessary to live, and avoid including large centerpieces, dinnerware with many pieces or decorative objects on shelves. In the living room, for example, simply a table, chairs, couch and little else. In the kitchen look at how you can make possible a minimalist decor, appliances camouflaged and nothing about the countertops. Feeling clean and secured order.

Simple furniture

The furniture you choose should be with straight, pure and light forms. Are very suitable are those having a low height and are wider; high and narrow the reserve for other decoration. You can enter materials such as glass, stone or wood, avoiding those parts with ornaments and have very robust look.

decorating minimalist interiors
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Textiles neutral and sober

Once again, we return to sobriety and simplicity. Enter your decoration textiles but, like the furniture should be smooth and light. Put a carpet and curtains with light fabrics without prints in neutral colors.

What ornaments can be included in the minimalist decor?

Although we have seen that the spaces should be simple and without many frills, does not mean you cannot put any ornament in your house. I give you some ideas: put a picture special on one wall, with a finite framed or unframed. You can also put a vase with a flower of an intense hue or some cushions on the sofa in a color that contrasts with the rest of the room.

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Floating shelves

An idea not visually recharge areas, to maintain order and get a light decor and simple is to use floating shelves.

decorating minimalist interiors
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In the bedroom

The minimalist style has no place in any room of the house; you can make use of this elegant decor in the kitchen, as we have seen before, in the office and even in the bathroom. In the bedroom it will help you design a room that encourages relaxing break and there will be no superfluous elements that visually interfere. To achieve this, use a bed with very pure and straight lines, without too much textile dress and even without headboard or one low, a simple bedside tables and a wardrobe also with straight lines.

The lighting

Being visually overloaded little spaces will be quite bright, but it’s good to bet on the natural light whenever possible and enter some point focal spot lighting by designer lamps.

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