10 tips to save time in cleaning

Save time in cleaning

10 tips to save time in cleaning

To optimize the cleaning time is desirable not overdo it with accessories and home decorations, as these tend to accumulate a lot of dust and dirt.

Reconcile work and domestic responsibilities with a social activity healthy are very complicated today. The pace of life is too fast, too demanding with us.

Therefore, we have decided to give you some tips on which you’ll support you to better manage your time at home and enjoy your hobbies.

1. Start with the areas most used

Like any other activity, you will be more efficient if you organize cleaning tasks. The rooms we use most commonly are the first of which we have to occupy.

By persisting in this, you will control dust and will accelerate the process, as you will work on clean surfaces. Otherwise, the task will be complicated because dirt will accumulate.

2. Cleaning utensils disinfects while you sleep

Chamois and sponges we use also require maintenance, but unlike other objects not need our work or presence, so it is best that the goals in a bucket of water with disinfectant overnight.

When you do so, you’ll see that you have won hours with less effort because when applying this strategy both dirt and fat is easily removed.

3. Avoid excess ornaments and pictures

Although personality contribution to our home, consider this: the fewer ornaments have, the fewer hours will be investing in beating the dust. Without giving up the personality of your home, selecting the most precious and discard the rest.

In this sense, choose smooth materials and avoid rough surfaces, since in the latter is very difficult to access corners, and dust and dirt adhere more.

4. The order is priority

Cleanliness is also a feeling. So if we cannot enjoy it, even though we have cleaned for hours. For this reason, having everything in place is essential to manage the housework.

The order is also needed in the products and tools you’ll use.

To get the most from this aspect, the ideal is to have the willing instruments so that we can access them easily. It is even a good idea to decide where to place them, taking into account its function.

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5. Commitment to multifunctional

The furnishings adorn our homes but remember that its primary function is to make life easier. Therefore these elements to maximum advantage and turn them into your allies against disorder.

6. Protect your furniture, use cases

Cover the furniture and fixtures with covers or tablecloths is essential to optimize the cleaning period: think of how easy it is to face a chair if all you have to do is put the cover in the washing machine (and how difficult it is to brush).

7. Clean the dust, do not change place

The general trend is to try to end the dry powder. However, it is advisable to use a damp cloth, so this really catches the particles.

8. Clean is poorly cleaned twice

The speed is not incompatible with homework well, but quite the opposite. We know it is difficult to rub some surfaces, either by its roughness, either by its curved shape or because they have many corners.

Therefore, if we seek to streamline and simplify the cleaning process, you have at your disposal solutions natural and chemical that will be of much use.

9. Sharing is living

When you live with other people, including children, you should share the task as you pursue benefits also influence them. If all you are part of planning, you will enjoy more hours together.

Returning to the first tip, including the division of tasks in your planning and do it by consensus. Thus, you will need a few hours and will gain in quality of life.

10. Ecology is functional

Although we currently have a wide range of cleaning products, many of them are highly polluting. Considering this, we suggest you replace some by salt or vinegar.

In doing so, plus save time and ensure the environment, take care of your own health, given that the chemicals used in this sector are abrasive, and toxic.

If you follow these ten suggestions, we assure you will need less time to keep your home in the conditions you want, with the guarantee that you will enjoy a satisfying family and social life.

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