3 crafts to decorate your walls

Today I want to show you three crafts with which you have the option to decorate your walls in a very original and personalized way, since each one of them you can give your touch and make them, as you like to be unique. Let’s look at it in more detail below …

decorate your walls
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Geometric decoration

As good passionate about geometric decoration, this first craft I love. It’s from the blog Make Do and DIY is a very simple project. To do this you will only need a rectangular, elongated canvas, a black marker and a ruler. And you will only have to draw lines, with the shapes that you prefer.

The collaboration of a child who has contributed little bit of sand “personalizing” to the maximum creation. You can choose the form that you like, the most formal, ideal for environments of Nordic style, for example, or the most creative, full of color. Which one do you prefer?

Another manual for small children to collaborate

If you liked the idea that the little ones of the house collaborate in these crafts to decorate the wall I show you another fun and very decorative proposal. In this case it is from The Idea is about creating a wooden mural with the hands of the whole family.

decorate your walls
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For this you will need …

– A wood long enough to fit the hands of all members of the family. With one of each will suffice

– White paint for the hands and red for the heart. It is the one you have used here, but you can do it with the colors that you prefer

– A sponge for painting

– Hangers

– Names with vinyl stickers (this is optional)

How to make the fingerprint panel

The first thing that you will do will be to paint the palm of the hand with the white paint, you can extend it with the sponge. Press on the table so that the hands are aligned. If you see that, there is some area with little paint you can add a little with the sponge. In this case, they have painted a red heart in the hand of the mother and have included stickers with the name of each member of the family. You can leave only the footprints if you prefer. Then, when it is dry, you will have to hang your creation on the wall you prefer, in the living room, in the hall, in the hallway …

decorate your walls
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Origami decoration

The origami is the technique by double figures make the paper. It allows many decorative options as it gives you the option to make a lot of different compositions. One of them is the one that they teach us that is to elaborate this hanging element to place in the wall of the room that you prefer.

How to make your decorative origami

To do this you will need paper, rope and a rather thick tree branch. You will have to create the shapes with the shape that you like (on the Internet you will see tutorials on how to do it so that you choose the design that you prefer).

decorate your walls
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You can leave the branch to the natural or paint it of some color. Next, make a kind of curtain by distributing your origami along the ropes and attaching them to the branch, which you then have to place on the wall that you want to decorate. It will look great in the children’s room, for example, but it will also suit the wall of the hallway or the living room.

Which of the three did you like the most? I encourage you to put into practice your favorite or, in case you do not know which one to decant for, the three … They are very simple!

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