Ideas to decorate your desk

Do you work from home and like to have a personalized and charming work area? The decoration of your office is important, especially to attract creativity and maintain concentration.

Today we are going to focus on one of the main elements of this space: the desktop. That is where you spend most of your time and, for this reason, we must pay special attention. I tell you some ideas to decorate it in a comfortable, functional and inspiring way.

Ideas to decorate with Greenery, the color of the year 2017

During the past year lovers of the decoration let us seduce by the Pink Quartz and the Blue Serenity, the two colors of 2016 according to Pantone. No doubt, the company specialized in the world of color was right with the choice, as these pastels have given much play and have managed to sneak into the homes of millions. Will the same happen with the color of 2017? Well, everything points to yes!

We are referring to Greenery, a bright and refreshing green that brings that necessary calm in this tumultuous political and social environment, as Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone, who also ensures that this color satisfies our growing desire to rejuvenate and Revitalize, and symbolize a new connection with nature. Today we give you some ideas and tips to introduce you to the home. Would you like to join us?

Ideas that will help you choose the best chairs to decorate your home

Not all elements of the house are exclusively practical or aesthetic function. There are some that meet both and, besides being functional, help us decorate the rooms. This is the case of the chairs. Do not think that they serve only to sit around the table to eat. They can, and in fact, we encourage it, become a decorative object itself. Do you want to prove it? Then do not miss the ideas we tell you then. We hope you will inspire.

Natural items to decorate your home

A natural atmosphere at home is always nice. It is a way that the spaces are comfortable and transmit the serenity that natural elements provide anywhere where we place. It is what we do in our home and for that we bring you some ideas, designed to bring inspiration to create a natural, authentic and without artifice decoration. Yet what we tell you and then you will be able to get.

2 DIY to decorate and order back to school

They have already started classes and backpacks are loaded with cases and pencils. Surely you have conditioned a place dedicated to the study at home but just in case you need some extra thought, today I want to show you two crafts really cool to decorate your home and also maintain order in that space where your kids get to do your homework. If you created your desk with retro style you can not miss these new DIY today. Let’s do it!

Wall hooks

We started with an idea of the blog Design Improvised which I loved because it is very practical and at the same time, very decorative. It is custom wall hooks that you can create for your children hang on them their equipment , clothing or any accessory that needs to be ordered.

Decorate the table for special occasions

If you like entertaining at home, you enjoy taking care of every little detail and spoiling your guests, you cannot miss the ideas that you propose in today’s article to wear a tag table.

Sometimes you do not need to spend a fortune to boast decoration. From a nice message to a simple vase of flowers. We explain the keys to your guests love decorating a table for special occasions.

Illuminate a holiday table

Too strong light can dazzle our guests, while a very low light can cause fatigue and depression, especially during lunch or dinner. We must therefore properly illuminate the dining table to create the perfect atmosphere and make our food look appetizing.

11 simple and cheap tips to decorate your terrace

With a little imagination and expertise on DIY we can get to our terrace decorated and welcoming place without spending money more.

In many of the small city apartments, the terrace is the only place where you can enjoy the outdoors. Of course, you can also make part of the design of large houses or more than one floor.

Whatever the case, it is a harmonious area where you can enjoy the sunlight, fresh air and a very different interior environment.

Therefore, for some time many are interested by decorating it and give it a more welcoming to look the entire family.

In this sense, there are several accessories and furniture to modify it to make it more comfortable and attractive. Here we share 11 good ideas do not hesitate to try at home without spending too much. Take note!

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