How to Make a Poster with Neon Words

Today we’ll show you how you can create a bright neon sign where you can write the word you want, because you’ll make it fully customized. It is about designing that text with your own typography and choosing the backdrop on which you want it to be written. Let’s see the proposal blog Honestly WTF, but I invite you, on this basis, make your own fully adapted to your home decor.

The two main elements of this neon sign are the wire Electroluminescent neon and flexible sheet on which you’ll place. You can use a yarn of the size, length and color you like, and you need to be at least 6 millimeters thick. Here they have used a tropical print of the most fun but, as I say, you can use the one that you like the most.

How to make your own breakfast bar

Reviewing the different options that exist to save space at home, I came across this very decorative and easy solution to make with your own hands. I liked it so much I decided to dedicate an entire post to poderte explain well how to make it and so get a table where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner without taking up much room with her and also creating a corner very cool in your home. Let’s work…

How to make a door to the peephole

The manual I teach you today is very simple to make and very decorative. I thought it was something original, I had never seen and also adds extra security to your home. And if you want to avoid that, somehow, someone can see from outside what happens inside your house, the door to the sight will be very useful. Although this is not usually much less than usual, so the decorative function that will be more than enough. How do you manufacture it? Here’s what I tell all. 

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