How to make a door to the peephole

The manual I teach you today is very simple to make and very decorative. I thought it was something original, I had never seen and also adds extra security to your home. And if you want to avoid that, somehow, someone can see from outside what happens inside your house, the door to the sight will be very useful. Although this is not usually much less than usual, so the decorative function that will be more than enough. How do you manufacture it? Here’s what I tell all. 

make a door
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The materials

This DIY is the work of Mother Daughter Projects, a blog where a mother and her daughter made DIY projects and interesting decor. To do this you will need:

  • 9 woods, stick kind of ice cream.
  • White tail.
  • A metal hanger.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Some small caps that we put so that the door does not touch the wall.
  • Adhesive Rubber for repairs color you like.
  • A protective varnish.
  • Plastic parts for the door to move
  • Optional: two small magnets for the door locks into place and do not move.

The process of developing

First put together five big sticks of ice cream. You can make a guide to keep them in place. Measures which occupy wide and cut two sticks to paste them at the bottom and the top. Sandpaper the edges a bit. Then glue the remaining two diagonally, forming a cross.

make a door
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The handle of this mini door

What will become the handle of the door will be the butt that I mentioned to you before, that we tend to put home the doors do not stick on the walls. It should be proportional to our size cover-peepholes. You can stick at the end of all…

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Now you can apply varnish to your mini barn door that will place to cover the peephole. As you can see in the pictures, it is a darker glaze that gives it that aged look so special and elegant. Let everything dry well to continue the installation.

make a door
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How to hang your door peephole

Now we go to the front door of your house to see how to place your creation. Situates the hanger to see how high want to put it. With special scissors you must cut the straight part of it, which is where will subject the mini door. To get that effect sliding door of a barn must use the pieces I was telling you before, small wheels you’ll find at hardware stores or online.

Paste the wheels and the handle

Now, with rubber adhesive, you can stick the handle and the hooks of the wheels will move to the door. You can also use white tail if you prefer … What gives you more security. With a toothpick remove the excess rubber. The metal bar of your hanger that will hold the can set to your door with this same adhesive rubber. It takes to dry about 24 hours (must read the manufacturer) so if you want you can put a piece of tape in the meantime to keep it in place. Visit this blog also for more tips.

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