How to make your own breakfast bar


How to make your own breakfast bar

Reviewing the different options that exist to save space at home, I came across this very decorative and easy solution to make with your own hands. I liked it so much I decided to dedicate an entire post to poderte explain well how to make it and so get a table where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner without taking up much room with her and also creating a corner very cool in your home. Let’s work…


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A solution for small homes

This DIY I teach you today I’ve seen on the blog Offbeat and Inspired and I think a great idea to place small floor as this breakfast bar, which can be used for lunch, dinner or to take whatever you want in it, you get to save space as it will act as a table. Just put some stools underneath and with very little room will have a great place to enjoy good coffee. This bar is similar to those found in these very welcoming and inspiring cafes that invite us to enjoy our drinking while watching what happens on the other side of the window.

The materials you need

To make this side table to help you optimize your space you will need:

  • A wooden panel measures having your window, mainly long. In this case, they have been superimposed two 30 centimeters wide and 2 centimeters thick. But you can also do it with one that is quite thick.
  • Wood glue.
  • Bolts of different sizes.
  • Two metal brackets.
  • Transparent wax.
  • Rags or T – shirt to apply the wax.
  • Two stools.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Electric screwdriver.

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Instructions for making your breakfast bar step by step

First, choose the most beautiful side of the board to become the visible face of your bar. If you are going to do with two boards together, apply glue on the back, leaving a distance of about 5 cm to the edge so that when juntas glue the sides will not overflow. Aligns well and let dry.

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Take the smallest screws and screw the boards in two rows of five. Try to space them evenly; its purpose is to serve as reinforcement of wood glue. If you do a single board Ignore this step …

The height of the table

Before you put on the table to screw the brackets you should know what height you will. To do this, sit on the stool and check what position you are comfortable and mark on the wall with a pencil where it will stand.


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Then screw the brackets to the wall with four long screws, making sure that it is as straight as possible. Take the wooden board and SUPPORT, at the end you already have installed. With the tape mark where you should place the second square and, once again, make sure it is straight. You can help a level in this step. Wood supports on the second square and places the other longer screws.

The final touch

To end this craft, sanding the corners if they are too rough or if the overlay tables have been the slightly ragged edges. Thoroughly clean the surface to then apply the wax. So you leave the wood with his natural tone, but if you want to give a touch of color also you can paint with chalk paint, for example.

Already you have ready your breakfast bar where you will enjoy pleasant moments while contemplating the landscape that appears through the window. A very nice way to start the day, do not you think?

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