How To Wash Kitchen Towels?

How to wash kitchen towels?

How To Wash Kitchen Towels?

Keeping kitchen towels clean is a common problem for all housewives. Daily washing is not an option, because in this case the fabric fades and deforms, with the result that textiles lose their attractiveness. Today we have collected the best tips that will help you to qualitatively wash the towels that are actively used in the kitchen.

How to wash kitchen towels?

Basic tips for use and cleansing

Using kitchen towels follow a series of tips that will allow you to maintain the presentable appearance and cleanliness of this type of textile:

  • Purchase products made from natural materials: matting, cotton, linen fabric. Synthetic and microfiber quickly fade, after 1-2 washing deformation occurs. Therefore, such fabrics can only be used for simple cleaning: finishing cleaning of a depleted table, wiping dishes and others.
  • Change towels 2-3 times a week, ideal – every 2 days, which will prevent the emergence of persistent pollution.
  • Do not use this type of textile to wipe the stove or sink, floor, household appliances, as well as tacks.
  • Wash white kitchen towels at 60-90 ° ?, color – 30-40 ° ?.

Try to use radical methods of cleaning (digestion, bleaching, and others) no more than once a month. Otherwise, the fabric will fade, acquiring an ugly gray-yellow shade.

How to wash kitchen towels?

Classic wash with pre-soak

With the help of the usual washing you can remove fresh pollution, following the instructions:

  • Take a deep basin, type water into it (5-6 l), add 5-6 tbsp into it. l washing powder and 1.5 tbsp. l soda Dip greasy kitchen towels in a basin. Leave them for 5 hours.
  • A solution of soda and powder can be replaced with bleach. For this work, it is better to use a basin made of plastic, but not metal, the latter may enter into a chemical reaction with the components of the agent. Aggressive powders and liquids for removing stains are never applied to the fabric, they are added only to warm water (about 1 tablespoon per 5 liters of liquid) unless otherwise specified in the instructions. Kitchen textiles are kept in bleach for 1 hour.
  • The last stage is washing in a typewriter for 30-40 minutes.

After that, towels should be dried and ironed with an iron, which allows them to give an even neater look.

How to wash kitchen towels?

How to wash greasy and other types of dirt using stain remover?

Another method that helps wipe grease stains is Vanish and other similar means. They can be used for both plain and colored fabrics, applying the cleansing compound directly to the smeared area. Also means from this ruler can be used for:

  1. Soak, taking 100 ml of gel in 4 liters of pure liquid. It is recommended to keep colored towels in the solution for 1 hour, white ones – for up to 6 hours. After that, they can be washed in any convenient way.
  2. Automatic washing by adding about 100 ml of detergent to the base washing powder or directly into the drum.

Tip!  To remove drops of fat, juice, sauces from white towels, you can use powdered bleach for washing machines. In this case, fabric products are loaded into the drum, bleach and powder are poured into the second compartment. Wash should be performed at a temperature of at least 60 ° C. The number of means and method of loading specify in the instructions from the manufacturer.

How to wash kitchen towels?

We clean kitchen towels from old stains without boiling

Mustard powder and vegetable oil

Very effective grandmother’s way, which will allow kitchen towels to return their former purity and beauty. For him, take the following components:

  • 5 liters of hot water;
  • 1 tbsp. l vinegar and mustard powder;
  • 2-3 art. l vegetable oil.

All components need to be added to hot water, mix, after which you can load kitchen towels. They should be left in the liquid (without heating) for 10-12 hours, stirring occasionally. After this period, fabric products should be thoroughly rinsed under running hot water, and then washed in a machine without powder.

How to wash kitchen towels?


In the fight against old pollution, the best assistant will not be iodized or Himalayan, but ordinary table salt, which has a large fraction. It is necessary to act like this:

  • pour 3-5 liters of water into the pot, depending on the amount of textile that needs to be washed;
  • pour into liquid 3-5 st. l salt (1 tbsp. per 1 liter);
  • stir the water until the salt dissolves into it;
  • put towels in a saltwater container so that they are well saturated with liquid;
  • leave the fabric for 1-1.5 hours. Water buy cialis does not need to be heated.

After the specified period, remove the towels, wring them out of excess moisture, and then wash them in a machine at a temperature of 40-60 ° C. You can run the mode “Soak” or “Pre-wash”. Do not forget to add powder! The method is allowed to deal with old fat traces, as well as stains from juice, lemonade, alcoholic beverages.

Laundry soap

Laundry soap – an old, but long-forgotten way to wash the stains from kitchen towels. Being engaged in this work, take a piece of laundry soap, and then act like this:

  • wet kitchen towels, rub them well with soap;
  • put the textiles in the bag. It is recommended to tie him up and leave him for 12 hours;
  • After 12 hours, remove the product from the bag, and then wash it in a typewriter. Another option is an additional manual wash in a liquid, to which 2 tbsp. l soda After that, textiles need to rinse under running water.

Laundry soap allows you to remove up to 90% of old stains, if you use the method for colored towels, then there may be a slight fading.

Tip!  Another good way to wash towels at home is to use a solution made from this type of soap. 1/3 of the bar should be grated and then added to hot water along with 5 tablets of hydrogen peroxide and 2-3 drops of ammonia solution. In the solution, you need to put textiles, wait for complete cooling. Towels should be washed in clean water without powder.

How to wash kitchen towels?

Boric acid

This substance is suitable for cleaning terry, cotton and waffle kitchen towels:

  • 2 tbsp. l boric acid should be added to 4 liters of boiling water, stir;
  • In the liquid, you need to immerse towels for 2-3 hours.

The finishing stage, which allows you to wipe off the remnants of dirt, give the fabric a uniform shade, – rinse in warm water. The method allows you to remove stains from grease and sauces, provides an easy whitening effect.


Digestion is an effective way to combat domestic pollution. Boil kitchen towels and other types of textiles better several times a year.

Laundry soap with soda

For this method you will need the following components:

  • 1 bar of laundry soap, crushed on a grater;
  • 50-70 g of baking soda;
  • 5 liters of water.

Mix the soap with soda, add this mixture to the water, mix the solution well. Put kitchen towels in a liquid, cover the pan with a lid, boil the textiles for 1.5 hours on minimal heat. After boiling an additional wash is recommended under running water or in a typewriter (“Rinse” mode).

How to wash kitchen towels?

Oxygen Bleach

Oxygen bleach can remove stains and restore the white shade of the most heavily soiled fabric products. For digestion, you will need:

  • 2 tbsp. l considered bleach;
  • 6 liters of warm water.

In 6 l of water dissolve 2 tbsp. l bleach, cover the bottom of an enameled high pan or bucket with an unnecessary piece of cloth. Pour the solution into the tank for boiling, load towels. Bring the liquid to a boil, and then languish on the fire for 60 minutes, stirring occasionally with a stick of wood. After the process is complete, wait until the water has completely cooled down, put kitchen towels in a basin, and then rinse under running water 2-3 times.

How to wash kitchen towels?

3 tips for removing various types of dirt

You can wipe fresh stains using the following types of household chemicals and life hacks from hostesses:

  • Fruit juice. Contaminants from the juice can be washed using a neutral color hair shampoo. Another way – 1 tbsp. l vinegar mixed with 100 ml of water. The resulting solution must be well-treated stain, and then wash the towel in a typewriter.
  • Fat traces. It is possible to wipe grease stains using ordinary dishwashing gel. Lightly soak fresh drops of fat on the material, generously smear them with gel, foaming the last. After 2-3 minutes, the product can be washed off. Recommended additional washing in the machine.
  • Traces of coffee, tea. Mix ammonia and water (solution in a ratio of 1: 1). With this solution, treat the contaminated area, and then rinse the textile under running water.

Remember that if the fabric got fat, juice and other dyes, they should be immediately washed. Domestic pollution is well handled at room temperature. We hope that our advice will help you to bring towels used in the kitchen in order!

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