Ways To Clean The Coffee Machine

Ways To Clean The Coffee Machine

Ways To Clean The Coffee Machine

A cup of hot coffee in the morning is a real pleasure! Fans of the tonic drink prefer to use a coffee machine to make it, but sooner or later this household appliance has to be descaled. How to do it? What folk remedies and household chemicals to use? We have prepared instructions that will help you to clean the coffee machine

Why is it necessary to clean the coffee machine?

The most expensive coffee machines need timely cleaning, because scum becomes the cause of equipment failure, reducing the quality of beverages:

  • the appearance of corrosion;
  • changing the taste characteristics of hot drinks;
  • Scum gets into the liquid, so the coffee becomes not only tasteless but also dangerous.

Ways To Clean The Coffee Machine

Important!  A scale is a result of using hard water containing calcium and magnesium. Even if you pour high-quality distilled water into the equipment, scum will still form.

How often to clean at home?

If you yourself want to clean the coffee machine, then be sure to look at the instructions. Most often, the manufacturer indicates the frequency of mandatory cleaning: “after 100 cups”, “after 50 cups”, etc.

Modern models of coffee machines are equipped with indicators that give a signal when it is time to clean the coffee machine. Older equipment models do not have indicators, they are recommended to be cleaned after 200-250 cups of coffee.

How to understand that it is time to clean the coffee machine?

It may happen that the formation of scale will occur faster than specified in the instructions, so you should follow the changes in the equipment:

  • the appearance of extraneous sound;
  • equipment began to produce a louder sound during operation than before;
  • Changed the taste or strength of coffee.

The most obvious sign that it is time to clean the coffee machine is a yellow or white precipitate in the cup, pieces of scale that appear in the drink.

Ways To Clean The Coffee Machine

Using special tools

If your coffee machine has a cleaning mode, then you can easily remove scale. In this case, it is worthwhile to buy the product recommended by the manufacturer, pour it into the water tank, and then launch the desired program. But if there is no such mode, then proceed as follows:

  • purchase a special tool, Sano, Delonghi, Melitta products have recommended themselves well;
  • clean the coffee machine, emptying the waste tray and filter, install them in the equipment;
  • Pour the detergent into the water compartment (the amount of the detergent is indicated in the instructions), add 1 liter of clean healthsavy.com liquid. Water should be at room temperature;
  • turn on the equipment, install a water collection tank, drain 3 cups of liquid through a tap designed to supply hot water;
  • The coffee machine must be turned off, leaving the tap open. In this position, she should stand for 5 minutes;
  • The procedure must be repeated 4-5 times, after which the boiling water supply valve can be closed.

After that, you need to make 2-3 cups of coffee in the coffee maker, which is strictly forbidden to drink, because it contains the remnants of a dangerous detergent. Make sure that there are no household chemicals left in the water tank, then rinse the container and fill it with clean liquid. Repeat the above steps without adding a cleanser, and then rinse the elements of the device thoroughly to clean the coffee machine.

Ways To Clean The Coffee Machine

Citric acid for cleaning coffee machines

This method should be used for household coffee machines; it helps to eliminate the scale of any thickness. It is noteworthy that many branded products for cleaning coffee machines contain citric acid in their composition, so you can use it without harming the technology. This method has several advantages:

  • a natural cleanser that does not harm the body even if it gets into the drink;
  • effectively removes old scale;
  • Citric acid is cheaper than branded products.

Important!  Using recipes with citric acid is safe, cheap and effective; the main thing is to find the right proportion.

Ways To Clean The Coffee Machine

Recipe for reading citric acid

For quick cleaning of the machine, use the following recipe:

  • Buy citric acid (no more than 80 g will be required for cleaning);
  • Clean the coffee machine (waste tray, filter), then pour acid into the bottom of the water tank, fill it with water (35-40 g of citric acid must be added to 1 l of water);
  • To combat old scale, add ½ of a glass of vinegar (about 100 ml) to the solution;
  • Place the liquid container in the coffee machine, and then start the automatic cleaning mode;
  • If the appliance is not equipped with a program, then leave the cleaning solution for 20 minutes, and then start the process of preparing the drink without laying coffee.

Ways To Clean The Coffee Machine

Fill the empty container with water, repeat the above instructions, but without adding acid. A lemon solution is safe, but the first cup of coffee prepared after cleaning the coffee machine is better to drain!

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