How To Wash Stretch Ceilings?

How To Wash Stretch Ceilings?

How To Wash Stretch Ceilings?

Gypsum ceilings are afraid of moisture, plastic yellow in the sun, and only suspended ceilings, according to manufacturers, are resistant to almost all types of exposure. Even to contaminate them is very problematic, and those spots that appeared as a result of some force majeure situations can be washed without the involvement of a cleaning team. However, some rules about what should be the care of glossy ceiling surfaces still exist. They need to study and follow them to stretch ceilings served flawlessly, and the original gloss remained flawless.

What you need to know in advance about the properties of PVC film

Immediately make a reservation that we are talking about the film, and not on fabric stretch ceilings, since they are more common in private interiors. Polymer film, which is used for installation of stretch ceilings, has several properties that are interesting from the point of view of operation and maintenance:

  • high strength – it is difficult to break the material if you do not specifically apply a sharp or cutting tool to it, and therefore, rubbing it with a brush, scraper, and knife is absolutely unacceptable;
  • elasticity – the canvas can stretch 1.2 … 1.5 times, which is why it is recommended to wash it even at home, standing on a stepladder or stool, in order to accurately calculate the pressure and not accidentally damage the stretch ceiling on the concrete floor from the inside;
  • Water resistance – stretch ceilings can and should be washed with plain water, but with more aggressive liquids like acetone or kerosene it is better not to experiment, otherwise, there will be stains on the surface that cannot be removed.

How To Wash Stretch Ceilings?

Companies offering the installation of suspended ceilings, among their advantages are often called antistatic, that is, the inability of the material to accumulate static electricity, as a result of which it does not collect dust. However, as practice shows, sooner or later the gloss dims and has to be washed. There are several different ways and means for this, the choice of which depends on the type of pollution and the reason for its appearance.

Methods of dealing with dirt on a glossy surface

Routine cleaning of suspended ceilings should be carried out no more than once a year, otherwise, they quickly lose their gloss. The need for after-hour cleaning arises when a room, for example, a kitchen or bathroom, is intensively used, or there are spots from careless actions on the ceiling. How and how to properly remove such pollution?

How To Wash Stretch Ceilings?

Dry cleaning ceiling trim

If the stretch ceiling appears to be clean, and only upon closer inspection, you can notice tarnishing or minimal accumulations of cobwebs, it is not necessary to wash it at all. It is enough to clean the glossy canvas with a vacuum cleaner, and it will regain its former brilliance. To perform this operation, follow the simple algorithm:

  1. Put on a special nozzle (some models of vacuum cleaners already have these) or pick up any of the available ones with a soft bristle, devoid of sharp edges. In a pinch, wrap a regular nozzle with a soft cloth.
  2. Turn on the device to the minimum power and lift the bar so that the brush is a short distance from the ceiling. So you prevent the film from being sucked in and scratched.
  3. Carefully wipe the nozzle with smooth sweeping movements from corner to corner, carefully collecting dust and cobwebs. Pay special attention to the docking places and transitions.

Literally half an hour of uncomplicated work – and your stretch ceiling will again be clean.

How To Wash Stretch Ceilings?

Dry cleaning with a napkin

You can also try to clean the slightly soiled stretch ceiling area with a cloth. Be careful when choosing it – it is impossible for textiles to be shaggy and have hard fibers. So, for your purposes fit:

  • bamboo or microfibre cloths;
  • old flannel diaper or viscose;
  • a piece of non-woven cloth like a spunbond or airland;
  • car or dish sponges (use only the soft side).

Having found the right material, you just have to climb closer to the ceiling to make it more comfortable to work and gently sweep away the dust in the right place.

How To Wash Stretch Ceilings?

Washing of stretch ceilings without streaks

How to wash the gloss, if previous manipulations did not give the desired result? In most cases, for the final elimination of the defect, it will be sufficient to wet the glossy surface with a soap solution and then wipe it with dry water.

To prepare the first product, you must add a handful of liquid soap or dishwashing detergent composition to the basin with warm water. To obtain a second agent, pour 100 ml of ammonia in a container with 900 ml of water and mix well. Dampen a previously prepared clean cloth in a soapy liquid and lightly rub the contamination movements parallel to the joint seam.

If the stain is old and does not rub off immediately, leave it wet for 20-30 minutes. Next, treat the area again and remove the soap residue with a clean piece of cloth. After the contamination is removed, apply a liquid ammonia solution – it should return glossy glare to the stretch ceiling. Now it remains only to wipe the surface dry with a clean cloth.

How To Wash Stretch Ceilings?

Review of purchased cleaning products for suspended ceilings

Particularly careful care of stretch ceilings can be provided by using ready-made detergent. Their range is not as large as, say, dishwashing or glass washing compositions, but one or two options will be found in any hardware store:

  • EdelWays (Russia);
  • Nouvel (Russia);
  • Mirror Clean (Ukraine);
  • Nerta (Belgium) and others

It must be said that the composition of all these chemicals is almost identical and consists of surface-active substances, isopropyl and ammonia, water and aromatic fragrances. However, they are much more convenient to use than cooked on their own at home.

The method of application consists of just a few actions: open the bottle by turning the trigger, apply the agent for half a minute, remove it with a dry lint-free cloth. In case of severe contamination, the treatment must be repeated, increasing the exposure time. Due to the fact that there are no aggressive components in the cleaners, they are safe and do not require the use of protective equipment.

How To Wash Stretch Ceilings?

If nevertheless, it was not possible to get the detergent specifically designed for cleaning the stretch ceilings, it can be replaced with a polish or glass cleaner. Remember – in order to form a gloss on the surface, the spray is required to be applied not on the napkin, but directly on the ceiling. When choosing a cleaner option, pay attention to the absence of abrasive particles.

How to remove specific stains

If the stretch ceiling is accidentally stained with some substance, you need to start removing the stain as soon as possible. If it dries, it will be much more difficult to remove. In addition, due to the nature of the operation of some premises, their ceilings need to be given a little more attention and promptly launder various types of pollution in a suitable way:

  • fat and fat-containing substances – to process any soap composition or special means;
  • marks from markers or felt-tip pens – clean with plain water, if markers are waterborne, and alcohol-containing agent, if they are alcoholic;
  • construction dust – to carry out dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, then brush off the remnants of a napkin;
  • rust and traces of leaks – remove stains with soapy water with the addition of ammonia, but it is better to do this after removing the cause of their appearance

How To Wash Stretch Ceilings?

We should also mention the pollution of the stretch ceiling paint. It will be correct if you take care of its cleanliness even at the stage of dying and you will in advance stock up with a clean cloth, which you can quickly remove the drops of paint and varnish material as soon as they hit the glossy surface. In this case, you will save yourself from a future headache, as it will be impossible to remove dried oil or enamel paint without damaging the ceiling.

Relatively seamlessly removed except that the dried emulsion paint. Like any other stain, it can not be tried to scrub. The blot should be thoroughly soaked and left until it swells, then gently clean with soapy water and rinse off the residue with clean water. Similarly, nicotine stains, kitchen soot, and insect marks can be removed.

How To Wash Stretch Ceilings?

Doubtful ways to remove defects

In the network, you can see a lot of recommendations, offering to remove particularly complex contamination using aggressive compositions:

  • acetone;
  • solvent;
  • white spirit;
  • alcohol;
  • vinegar, etc.

Practical application of such tips is not safe for your ceiling, since the exact composition of the PVC mixture used to make the film, as well as its dyes, is known only to the manufacturer. It is impossible to predict how the material will react to alcohol or acidic compositions.

How To Wash Stretch Ceilings?

Therefore, the best way out of the situation when you need to get rid of old rust, dried primer or glue drops is to use the services of a cleaning company or craftsmen from an installation company. They will fully appreciate the possibility of eliminating the defect, apply modern technologies, or decide to replace a specific stretch of the stretch ceilings.

If you for some reason cannot or do not want to involve specialists, cover the affected area with a decorative sticker. They stick together in a matter of minutes, easily transform the design of a room, and are also easily removed if necessary. As you can see, there are many ways to quickly and safely cope with fading and pollution on the glossy stretch ceiling. Choose any and let purity always reign in your home!

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