Best Vacuum Cleaner: iRobot Roomba 805 Review

iRobot Roomba 805

Best Vacuum Cleaner: iRobot Roomba 805 Review

After learning about the iRobot Roomba 980 recently, we were happy to dive into the Roomba 805 model and we were very happy to see what the customers had to say about the work of these two robots.

To create Roomba 805, iRobot promises to innovate their innovation, empower their customers, and create a great environment for robot-human interaction.

Below we will see the basic function and iRobot Roomba 805 review, its design features and how it compares compared to the new and older Roomba models. Keep in mind that the prices are always changed, but you may be able to pay less than 805 models later. 


The iAdapt Navigation Robot lets you use multiple sensors to navigate vacuum and iAdapt your home. It avoids stairs and drop-offs in other rooms, protects itself in the process.

iRobot also claims that this model will automatically adjust the floor type changes with carpets, tiling, laminating and hardwood. However, customers have commented that some robots have been confused by this robot – especially for carpeting tightly-and simply closing the work. This thin rug does not seem to be a problem, but it’s something to remember potential buyers.

Owners can set seven cleanups every week or start a “clean” button in a robot.

Although it does not map its progress and does not update you about what has been cleaned, Roomba 805 dual mode uses virtual wall interruptions that free the Roomba from home. You can easily keep the robot bound in one area.


Like other Roomba 805 robots have 3.6-inch clearance. It’s easy to navigate around most of the furniture and counter-sides.

Unit preventing hair from clogging machine, as the other model of the company, the unit boasts tangle-free extractors. Part is noted to be easy to clear, clear, and replace.

Overall this Roomba character has smooth design and comes in black. It’s unclear at home – at least it’s aesthetically.

Battery Type, Life, and Recharge

This model comes with a lithium-ion battery that claims to be three times the lifetime of the battery cycle.

Incidentally the Roomba 805 Dock and will recharge itself as required. But in the points of the buyers it has been said that it has to stop in the middle of a job and its “charging” needs – to return to its charger.

By any means, the battery will give you 1 – 2 hours cleaning time depending on the type of floor.

Better Cleaning Performance

Equipped with a high-efficiency filter of AeroForce, this robot vacuum is able to capture 99% of all allergies, pollen and particles as 10% micron in your home.

This is a three-stage cleaning system that provides 50% more clear performance than other robot vacuums in the market. AeroForce also allows for 5x wind power when Robotvac is cleaned. 


One of the frequent visits to customer forums is the ability to easily navigate around the house.

Although dual-mode virtual wall interruptions make it easy to hold robots in one area, but if you turn it around, then you can stay for some kids. Roomba 805 Robot vacuum will make the way down the hall but it will not enter the other room until it becomes “cornered”.

The problem is that this “bumping” navigation is also stuck in the room of the Roomba vacuum if it accidentally slips back to the door. Another situation where Roomba needs to be rescued.

If the robot vacuum itself is stuck, it will beep once. No help comes, it instructs spontaneous voice owners to move to a new area to continue to work.

Roomba 805 has many features that make it unique among robotic vacuum cleaners. Its AeroForce Cleaning System is the leading. It provides 5 times more wind power than other cleaners up to 50% good clean performance. This means that it can easily work on each type of floor. You can press clean button in one or set it to run 7 times a week. Its smooth design Roomba 805 is able to fit under most furniture and kickboards.

Key Features

The iAdapt Navigation System is often built around an advanced software system with sensors, which allows Roomba 805 to adapt to the horizontal of your home and reach areas that you can easily reach.

The AeroForce cleaning system does not only provide a better clean performance, it introduces a 3-state clean-up system and general 2 motor with dual debris extractors for easy maintenance.

Debris extractors are essential to break vacuum cleaner pick-up and whatever is available in dirt is essential. Once the debris works to prevent any clogs once the debris is free to suck.

AeroForce cleaning system comes with a high efficiency filter. Such filter captures 99% of all dust particles – some small as 10 microns-that means no dirt is left.

Two dual modes work to keep the Virtual Wall barriers away from the Roomba 805 stairs and keep any other drop-offs in your home. They are able to enable vacuum to clean any type of carpet, laminating, tile or hardwood floor.

The built-in lithium-ion battery has a life cycle that is about 3 times higher than the other batteries. A lithium-ion battery is perfect for a tip-off cleaning performance, because it means slow battery usage, overall battery life, and fast charging time.


  • Roomba 805 is a compact design that enables it to clean most of the furniture and all hard-to-corner corners of your home.
  • Especially easy to use and maintain. This vacuum cleaner operating is very intuitive, pushing a button starts to clear.
  • In addition, the vacuum can be run up to 7 times a week in the preset bar.
  • It automatically adjusts any kind of floor inside your home and it moves from one page to another.
  • The included battery las is up to 3 times higher than the other.


  • This is a valuable robotic cleaner, but there are models in addition to additional and more advanced features.

What’s in the Box?

  • Roomba 805
  • Docking station
  • 1 additional filter
  • Instruction manual

Who is it for?

This robot will be ideal for people who do not pay attention to the middle standards and the maintenance of the machine for the clean home.

If you run for it in the house and keep it in mind, if you are comfortable, or are not bothered by some of the favorite habit of robot, it can be bought for you. iRobot Roomba 805 robot vacuum cleaner is more affordable than others, new models from iRobot.

Roomba 805: Last Words

Perhaps an affordable alternative to not meeting a higher standard iRobot holds itself as a company.

iRobot Roomba 805 Robot vacuum is basically a basic but effective device. Customers have suggested to read Homeplix articles all models from iRobot so that you are getting what you are looking for, because robots are different.