Ideas for painting walls in soothing colors

A house that invites relaxation is a home cozy. You may find this sense of calm and tranquility through color we use in the walls, because we can paint shades that create quiet and very pleasant surroundings. Today we will see some ideas to help you get it, using tones that favor the serene relaxation we want to achieve, fundamental to the bedroom, but ideal for any room in your home.

Brown colors

Brown is the color own stability and confidence, so it is very appropriate to create those spaces that encourage relaxation. If you find a tone a bit “bland” you can give a note of color with decorative details, textiles or furniture, always without introducing much fanfare if what we want is just a peaceful stay.

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The green

It is the color of nature and symbolizes harmony and balance. It relaxes the eyes and helps reduce stress and negativity, so it is ideal to paint your walls. Perfect for your bedroom or a room where you go to school, but in any room will be able to create that feeling of serenity and relaxation.

Whites and beiges

The neutral tones are warm itself. Whites, beiges broken or white will always be a wise move for your walls, because they are very bright and serene colors that combine beautifully with any tone you enter in furniture, textiles and accessories.

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In blue and pink

The Pantone Institute placed them as the colors of 2016 and, in the case of one of them, to his own name gives us an idea of what we feel will cause. They are the Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity, two ideal tones for the walls of your home. The blue is usually associated with peace and tranquility and is widely used in bedrooms; especially in light colors in the case of the walls. Combined with white the result is spectacular. As for the pink, the pastel hue is very delicate and conveys much balance and brightness.

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The purple

The cold side of the color wheel is the one that will tell us what colors are most appropriate to paint our walls if we find that relaxation for a room in the house, or for all. Purple is another alternative. If you combine it with furniture and accessories in white, for example, the effect will be much greater serenity.

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Another color Pantone you can use

Pantone range for this 2016 there are several colors that can inspire you when painting your walls with relaxing colors. One of them is the Lilac Grey is a gray with touches of lilac, with personality and elegance, and it also helps to design comfortable and welcoming environments.

Pastel shades with white

A pastel tone can be achieved by mixing a primary or secondary, warm or cool color, with a white, and thus its intensity is lowered. With this you can achieve a very soothing color with the base you want, since introducing the white will become soft and will be perfect to paint your walls.

Remember that you can paint all the walls of the room with the chosen color or highlight only one to reach but not get tired; despite being soothing tones maybe all you can saturate the same walls, it is a very personal choice.

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