How to decorate the bedroom with little money

Often you do not need to spend large financial amounts for decorating any room in the house. With small details and some simple tricks it is very easy to do, so today I want to show you several thoughts to help you decorate your bedroom with little money, get tips that give a return to the image of your room. Imaginative solutions, some even made with your own hands…. It is this stay has a new image and you can achieve without spending hardly anything. Let’s see how you can do it!

Decorate the bedroom
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This may seem a bit obvious, but sometimes it is not so, and is that to make your bedroom look amazing few are better things to have it neat, clean and well organized. And remember that you can do it with style … Everything will be more pleasant and even the decor charge a new meaning. Try and you’ll see how to tell the difference.

The walls

Walls can play an important role in this renewal of the bedroom. One way to give new life to the stay is painting the walls of some other color they have always had. It may suffice only one. Another option may be to place a painted both rooms and paper adult children’s bedrooms, a decorative vinyl or hang a painting, photograph or film you like. What do you think about maps? It is very cool! With very little you can get an incredible result.

Decorate the bedroom
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Decorative elements

To renew the bedroom decor is no need to change large furniture and spend a lot of money along the way. You can renew the decorative elements and economically, and make with new bedside lamps for a vase for some flowers or a different covers for your cushions. And if you dare, with some imagination and time you can make yourself this new decor. Look at these crafts that might give you some inspiration to design your own pillow with tropical stamping or a nice wooden shelf and ropes.


If you bet on textiles for bed with neutral colors will surely be the most economical and can combine them with other things that bring colorful as the decor itself, a quilt and cushions accompanying them.

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The cushions

A change in the cushions can change the look of the room a lot more than you think. Like I said, if you feel like you can make yourself different cases and fill with wadding to toggle different patterns and go renewing the decoration according to the different seasons, for example, or simply whenever you want. You can go also changed its shape and not put all square, but alternating with rectangular one, heart – shaped, star …

Decorate the bedroom
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The lighting

Another way to give a new look to the bedroom is changing the lighting, both light spots available as their own lamps. The hanging lamps are also a good solution for this room and not have to spend a lot of money in a light fixture. You can also get more natural light curtains or putting more clarity including linens and textiles in light colors, with which you will achieve the bedroom, look more luminous and even visually wider.

Original small tables

If you want to change some furniture you have no obligation to spend a lot of money. Imagination will be a great ally and can opt for solutions low cost thanks original bedside tables to help you give it a very personal style to the bedroom. Some old suitcases or even a wooden chair may be worth…

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