8 tricks to disinfect your bedroom naturally

Disinfect your bedroom

8 tricks to disinfect your bedroom naturally

To avoid accumulation of undesirable microorganisms and prevent allergies is convenient to clean dust daily and change sheets, quilts and blankets frequently to eliminate mites. The bedroom is one of the most important parts of our home; because it is the site we chose to rest and relax our body after completing the tasks of the day.

However, sometimes we neglect and little by little, is generated a disorder that makes him look pretty bad. Worst of all is that, although not notice at first glance, in their spaces tends to accumulate dust mites and allergenic molecules that can provoke several health nuisances.

As a result our quality of sleep decreases and leads to other disorders that can make us the heaviest days. Fortunately, if we implement some home tricks we can leave it spotless and free of all kinds of microorganisms.

Then we will give you 8 good ideas do not hesitate to sanitize and harmonize their environment. Put them into practice!

1. Make your bed every morning

Although that again it is recommended to ventilate the bed to kill the mites, the ideal is to organize it every morning to breathe more order and cleanliness in your room. Shakes sheets, blankets and pillows, and then proceeds to arrange them as you like.

2. Change the sheets and blankets

For proper cleaning the bed regularly change sheets, pillowcases and other items covering the bed. Without it you can see, it is likely that these have mites and bacteria that grow with dirt and sweat. Clean blankets, quilts removed to keep them clean and make sure not to suffer allergies or other discomfort.

3. Do not overcrowd your nightstand

When filled with many objects bedside table it is more difficult to remove you dust and dirt that accumulates day after day. You can use it to put a small lamp, a clock, a cream and even a book. If you saturate with other elements take longer leave it perfectly clean.

Disinfect your bedroom

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4. Perform general cleaning every day

While a matter of time is impossible not clean all areas of the bedroom every morning, yes you can spend a few minutes to make general cleaning. Tossing the sheets, make the bed and clean the floors are small gestures that can make fast to reduce the presence of allergens.

5. Disinfect the mattress

The mattress is one of the elements that we neglect in our bedroom. However, we should clean it at least once a month so that it does not become a habitat for microorganisms. For this, you can create a product based homemade soda and tea tree oil cleaning bicarbonate.

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  • ½ cup baking soda (125 g)
  • 10 drops of essential oil of tea tree

What should you do?

  • Moisten the baking soda with essential tea tree oil and sprinkle the product all over the mattress.
  • Rub with a brush, let it sit for an hour and vacuum.

6. Clean the dust

Most elements of your room are covered with dust as the days pass. The bed, table, pictures and all your decorative objects require constant cleaning to avoid becoming causes of allergies. If you want to make sure to remove bacteria and mites, diluted white vinegar in water and use this solution to clean.

7. Do not forget the curtains or blinds

Most rooms have one or two curtains on your windows. These not only help to avoid external lights, but give the room a touch decorative. The problem is absorbing too much dust, which is essential to wash every two or three weeks. A good option is to choose those that are silk, as they are easier to wash and dry quickly. On the other hand, if blinds are used in the room is important to use a disinfectant to remove dust.

8. Wash pillows

Most people are unaware that the pillows must continuously disinfect to prevent accumulation of sweat, dead cells and allergens. Although we cover with covers, these reach absorb dirt and tend to create a perfect environment for microorganisms. Try washing them at least twice a year and cambial protective covers every two weeks.

Are you sure your room is clean? If you do not put these recommendations into practice, try to devote some of your time to get a suitable environment for your rest. Visit http://savourytraveller.com/ for more tips.

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