Designing Of Ventilation and Air Conditioning in the Apartment

Designing Of Ventilation and Air Conditioning in the Apartment

Designing Of Ventilation and Air Conditioning in the Apartment

How to make a project for ventilation and air conditioning?

Such a question is posed by any responsible customer, the owner of the apartment, deciding on the reconstruction or modernization of existing ventilation. Installation of a multi-zone air conditioning system, supply and exhaust systems, dehumidifiers, air ducting taking into account the existing ceiling system, placement of individual units – all these tasks are primarily solved by the project for ventilation and air conditioning.

Implementation of such a project is a responsible business and can be performed only by licensed specialists. If you are competent to arrange to the house and want to create comfortable individual climatic conditions on the premises, you cannot do without developing a professionally executed project. Otherwise, you risk facing the fact that ventilation is “no”, energy-consuming, not effective, out-of-date – without regulation or programming.Designing Of Ventilation and Air Conditioning in the Apartment

It is proved that the performance of any kind of installation works in total has a lower total cost, if they are performed according to a competent approved project. Turning to the designers, you not only get a competent approved technical solution in accordance with sanitary, fire, environmental standards but also a valid list of certified climate equipment from proven manufacturers. Installation in accordance with a qualified project brings a significant reduction in the deadlines for the execution of work and a reduction in labor costs for the introduction of a new ventilation system or the reconstruction of the old one.

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Organization of design works

The design works are carried out in accordance, where all stages and requirements for the design work are prescribed. The design process begins after obtaining the initial data, design tasks, wishes and customer requirements for the composition of the air environment and operating modes of the equipment in individual rooms, local and general climate requirements. Data and requirements for available energy resources, maintenance, and protection of the ventilation system should also be provided. The designers are faced with the task of optimizing the selection of ventilation equipment, air conditioning and individual units that meet all performance requirements for performance, air exchange, air purification, heating or cooling.Designing Of Ventilation and Air Conditioning in the Apartment

The sequence of actions for the design of ventilation and air conditioning systems of objects:

  • Calculation of the required air exchange according to the initial data, construction, and sanitary standards;
  • Development of a schematic diagram of the aerodynamic calculation of the air duct cross-section and the acoustic calculation of the noise level, which will be created by the ventilation system;
  • Development of working drawings, specifications, lists of materials that are approved by the customer;
  • Coordination of documentation with the customer, and making the necessary changes;
  • Implementation of electrical basic, installation diagrams of ventilation equipment, connection diagrams, communication plans;
  • Preparation of budget documentation and justification of the economic efficiency of the project.

When creating a ventilation project, calculations are required:

  • Air capacity of plants;
  • The speed of air flows, sections of air ducts;
  • The required capacity of the air heater, air conditioning;
  • Operating pressure and fan noise level;
  • Heat inflows in rooms.

Each of these calculations requires a clear compliance with the set of requirements of sanitary norms and regulations, environmental standards, fire safety requirements and labor protection requirements. This is a responsible work, requiring a professional approach. The customer who receives the finished project can be assured of the reliable and proper functioning of the equipment.Designing Of Ventilation and Air Conditioning in the Apartment

After the end of the design work, you can safely proceed with installation and commissioning.

The cost of design work depends on the complexity of the job and the characteristics of the object. Like deadlines, it is fixed in the contract for the execution of design works. The contract may also stipulate the examination of the existing ventilation system.

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