How to Clean the Toilet Quickly?

How to Clean the Toilet Quickly?

How to Clean the Toilet Quickly?

How to clean the toilet quickly so that it is snow-white? The answer to this question is sought by clinic professionals and ordinary housewives. A clean toilet makes an opinion about the attitude towards cleanliness in the office, apartment, and public institution. What is the best way to clean the toilet bowl correctly?

In order to clean the toilet correctly, first of all, it is necessary to understand that the main task to be solved is to prevent the spread of viruses and microbes and, as a result, to an unpleasant odor, to destroy rust and urine stone deposits on the equipment surface.

The main causes that lead to contamination of the toilet and the formation of raids:

  • increased use of plumbing equipment;
  • untimely washout of waste products;
  • hard running water;
  • improper operation of equipment and minor surface damage;
  • Irregular care of the product.

To avoid the appearance of unpleasant and dangerous phenomena, it is necessary to clean the urinary stone, the lime deposit, rust at least once every seven to ten days. Depending on the contamination and the condition of the toilet, it is recommended to determine the means that you plan to use. It can be an effective chemical – the gel “Domestos” or “Bref” which contains toxic potent ingredients, or you can use to clean the remedies that are in every home – soda powder, vinegar and even Coca-Cola!How to Clean the Toilet Quickly?

Selecting cleaning agents is necessary taking into account the characteristics of the material from which the plumbing equipment and premises are made. It is necessary to know that traditionally the sanitary equipment is made with the use of special glazes with different coatings and they can be damaged by using abrasive agents and rigid metal wool and brushes.


The main stages for cleaning the toilet:

  1. Preparatory stage – we release the bathroom from things and excess items: personal care products, towels, paper, trays filled with animals, etc. We prepare cleaning products and protective equipment – glasses, gloves, respirators, brushes, wipers, rags, special cleaning brushes, cleaning solutions and disinfectants and fragrances.
  2. The main stage:
  • My toilet bowl outside, beginning with the pipes of drains, a glass, the outer part and ending with a lid;
  • We clean the toilet from the inside – we remove dirt from under the rim, then from the flat part of the toilet bowl and the hole;
  • We clean the lid of the toilet – we spray the cleanser on the seat and rim of the toilet bowl, not forgetting the fastening system.
  • Final stage: remove excess liquid and remaining drops of cleaning solutions, mine and collect brushes and used tools, layout consumables for personal hygiene, place fragrance and ventilate the room

Tip: after you have washed the toilet bowl, soft sponges should be thrown away, and the cloth should be washed using the maximum temperature regime of washing equipment. It is best to use disposable paper towels and napkins to wash the toilet, but not all can afford it.

Important! It must be remembered that chemical cleaning and disinfection products are toxic to others, so store them in a closed viagra place inaccessible to children and pets.

If you do not want to use chemicals, then you can effectively clean the toilet using vinegar and soda powder.How to Clean the Toilet Quickly?

How to clean the toilet with a solution of vinegar and soda

You will need:

  • one or two glasses of vinegar;
  • Half a cup of soda.

Traditionally, experienced housewives use two ways of cleaning the toilet with these tools:

  • The first way: a cleaner is prepared from vinegar and soda, which is applied to the entire inner and outer surface of the bowl. After that, leave the mixture on the equipment for 15-20 minutes and then thoroughly wash it off using a sponge, brush, and rag.
  • The second method: undiluted vinegar is treated the entire surface of the toilet bowl and left for 40-50 minutes. Then, using a brush and soda, clean the rims, bowl and toilet bowl and, closing the lid, wash off the product and dirt with water.

Also for effective washing of the toilet is used:

  • Whiteness, which is poured into the toilet bowl and left for the night, and early in the morning thoroughly washed with running water;
  • Citric acid as a powder for cleaning equipment;
  • Technical oxalic acid, which is used in severe pollution.

How to wash the toilet with Coca-Cola?

Unexpected properties for solving this problem has the usual Coca-Cola.

To do this, buy a 2-liter can of the drink and pour it into the toilet for four to six hours. After the time has come, tightly close the lid and drain the water several times, getting a clean white toilet bowl, cleaned of rust and limescale.How to Clean the Toilet Quickly?

Specialists and housewives shared the most effective means they use to clean the toilet bowls:

  • Chemicals that contain special components that can destroy the dirtiest raids – Cillit Ban, Dressing Duck, Domestos, Comet, Sanita, Sanford, Faberlic
  • Means for cleaning and disinfection that are safe for the environment – vinegar, soda powder, salt crystals, mustard powder, drill, liquid Castile soap, diluted alcohol.

For the prevention of severe contamination of the toilet, it is necessary:

  • In a timely manner, eliminate malfunctions, such as the leakage of water from the waste tank;
  • Do not pour out the remains of food and drinks in the toilet;
  • Use special tablet preparations that do not allow the formation of plaque and rust on the walls of equipment and disinfect surfaces;
  • to carry out regular cleaning of the toilet bowl with cleaning agents and its disinfection at least every 7-10 days to prevent the appearance of hard-to-remove contaminants and raids.

These simple rules will help to avoid the formation of dense plaque and the need to use potentially toxic chemicals to clean the toilet. But if you already have to use them, then you must follow the instructions and use the personal protective equipment! Based on the experience of fighting with chronic deposits of urinary stone, oxalic and orthophosphoric acids were the best recommendations.

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Having carefully read our tips and recommendations, you can independently determine how to care for the toilet and choose the best means for cleaning and disinfection.

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