The Mystery of the Old Damask Pattern

The Mystery of the Old Damask Pattern

The Mystery of the Old Damask Pattern

We all know and are accustomed to the damask floral pattern, we see it in every new collection of classic wallpaper or textiles. Variants and interpretations of a Damask pattern are endless set, and it can be easily found in any wallpaper store or interior of fabrics. We ardently loved this ornament and already recognized it as a modern classic. However, not everyone knows where this mysterious design comes from.

Damask ornament passed through the centuries and still remains an attribute of luxury in the interior. It was created in Syria, a country of a thousand and one nights. The famous figure still carries a fairy-tale mystery and a subtle fragrance of the east. The Damascus pattern is named after the Syrian capital of Damascus, which was once an important point of the Great Silk Road. Hence the spread of Syrian fabrics all over the world with unpretentious floral-floral ornament. This pattern has long been used in the houses of the Syrian nobility. Many centuries ago, a mysterious figure was applied in a special way on natural fabrics – silk, cotton, and linen. Then the textile with this pattern was decorated and transformed the premises of rich houses and palaces not only in Syria but also in neighboring eastern countries.

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The Mystery of the Old Damask Pattern

The damask pattern is a large flower surrounded by petals and leaves. Asymmetrical pattern with curls and curved lines is executed in two colors – the background color and the color of the pattern. Repeated vertical lines from plant motifs give the interior a certain completeness and integrity. This magical drawing makes you think about the hidden meaning that the ancients invested in him.The Mystery of the Old Damask Pattern

So today we can observe a new round of popularity of the damask pattern in the interior. In our time, the application of this drawing is much wider than before. Here are the most common decor elements on which it is used:

Wallpapers – the most famous area of application of Damascus pattern. It is important to observe the measure because this ornament is ideal for accents, but to fill the entire space does not fit. It can simply overload and weight space. However, in the case of light wallpaper tones and in the absence of a sharp contrast between the background and the pattern, it is entirely possible to use all the walls to accommodate the Damascus pattern. Keep reading

Damascus is widely used in textiles – curtains, bed linens, pillows or upholstery. Items with a damask pattern on them come to the fore and give the interior an atmosphere of pomposity and elegance. Particularly elegantly looks a combination of a matte background and a glossy metal color pattern – gold, silver or bronze.The Mystery of the Old Damask Pattern

Tile.  Another common use of Damascus ornament. Many prefer the Damask pattern because it will be appropriate to look in any room – whether it’s a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. In the latter, zones decorated with a damask pattern are always advantageous.

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The splendor and brilliance of the eastern palaces are known to everyone, and the secret of their interior is now available to each of us. And because the atmosphere of the sweet east is very easy to create, if it is true to use the damask pattern – the classic of our days.

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