Houses With Exterior Designs In Modern Style.

Houses With Exterior Designs In Modern Style.

Houses With Exterior Designs In Modern Style.

The exterior designs of a house are as important as the style of its interior, and achieving a balance between both is very important.

The first impression is always the one that counts, and the exterior of the house will be decisive, then inside the house, its decoration will end up defining the character of the property.

Creating modern exterior designs is not as simple as it seems, and achieving harmony between the colors used and the construction materials is not an easy task.

Of course, everything related to the design of the house and its decoration always ends up being something subjective, and with the exterior designs, the same thing happens.

For many people, some architectural designs can be very attractive, while for others they do not approach their tastes. Everything depends on the particular tastes of each one.

Notwithstanding the above, here we share some houses with exterior designs of modern style.

Villa with Mediterranean style Houses With Exterior Designs In Modern Style.

The illustration clearly shows the most classic style of Mediterranean houses, combining some structural details that give a touch of modernity.

The exterior decoration of the independent villa is based on a predominant color, which is combined with the white of the doors and windows.

On the other hand, traditional tiles maintain the style of the house, while projecting a harmonious design.

Modern style house on the coastHouses With Exterior Designs In Modern Style.1

It is a detached villa on two floors, with a garden in front of the house, a porch access to housing, and private parking space.

The design of the independent villa is simple, although it has some details that give it a particular air. As for example, the stone finish of the central part of the second floor with wooden sconces.

The colors of the exterior paint are typical of the Mediterranean style, combining a couple of tones to give a nuanced, and with large windows to make the most of natural light.

Detached villa with pool.Houses With Exterior Designs In Modern Style.

A modern style although quite simple and almost discreet, at least compared to other proposals that we can find in the real estate market.

The independent villa has a private pool and the large glass surfaces that we can observe allow you to create diaphanous and comfortable indoor environments.

The segmented construction of the villa, in two visible areas, allows protecting privacy in the back of the house.

A very simple and attractive exterior design, which is enhanced with the use of large wooden beams, which at the same time add a special character.


A villa with classic materials to innovate.Houses With Exterior Designs In Modern Style.

The key to the style of the house is its own design, and not so much the materials used to decorate the front of the house.

Apart predominantly in stone contrasts with a modern style, which has from huge windows to roofs in various heights.

House with bold colors.Houses With Exterior Designs In Modern Style.

An independent house, structured on two floors, with terrace and solarium. It is not a property of the great surface, although they have managed to maximize the spaces in the different floors of its structure.

The unique touch is the combination of the exterior materials, and of course, the red color projects daring and innovation for the exterior decoration of the house.

The combination of different materials, as well as bright or strong colors, is an increasingly widespread trend for exterior designs.

A very modern style house.Houses With Exterior Designs In Modern Style.

This house, as we can see in the photograph, has a very modern design. Which follows the current trend of new properties that are built along the Mediterranean coast.

Large interior spaces, combined with glass windows that become exterior walls, and the whole house in white.

An exterior floor that simulates wood contrasts with the color of the home and a private pool with glass railings blends beautifully with the design of the property.

House with exterior panels and large windows.Houses With Exterior Designs In Modern Style.

It is a very modern exterior design, which is based on the use of panels as large sections, and which at the same time give uniqueness to the overall design of the house.

The combination of the horizontal and vertical lines determined in the panels contrast, although they do so in harmony; and a change of perspective when observing it, manages to transmit a subtle visual effect.

A modern house based on a classic style.Houses With Exterior Designs In Modern Style.

While it looks like a modern design house, observing the structure is actually quite classical.

The use of different materials in the front of the house makes it look modern, while the gable roof gives it the classic stamp.

The garage door in white combines with the upper floor of the house, while the windows in black and segmented in different sections contrast with the rest.

House with combined materials on the outside.Houses With Exterior Designs In Modern Style.

Here we went from the combination of materials and colors to a design that seems to play with them.

The contrasts of materials and colors are what really makes it striking, and the spaces of the house segmented in an almost irregular way make it seem built-in parts.

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The colors they used to paint it and the construction materials are actually quite sober, and the combination of them together with their architectural design make it a modern house.

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