Ideas to plan the decoration of your new home

Do you change your home and do not know very well where to start in terms of decoration? It is clear that there are many issues to deal with when we move to a new home, whether buying or renting, and when those issues are already closed comes the most fun and special part: make it yours. Let’s see some ideas that will help you plan the decoration of your new home …

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A first review

Before starting with the decoration itself it is essential that you check the state of the house. That is, if it is necessary to paint, change the floor or some other type of installation or supply. Once this is proven you will know if you have to start by painting the walls because they are not in very good condition or if you want to paint them just for a fresh look.

The choice of colors

If your house is for rent you may not want to spend more money to paint it or change too many things. But if you bought your house there will be more aspects that you want to try in this planning. One of the first things you can think about are the colors that will star in your decoration. You can start with the ones on the walls, and once chosen, introduce the rest of the elements according to this base.

If you opt for white, for example, you will bring lots of light and calm to your home and you can introduce color notes through furniture and decorative objects. You can also paint one of the walls of another more intense tone to make beautiful contrasts.

new home decor
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The decorative style

Another issue that you can think about when planning your new home is what decorative style you are going to use in it. It is not mandatory that you opt for any if you do not want, but you may love the Nordic decoration and you want to give that touch to your home, for example. Or you can choose a vintage, country, bohemian or industrial decoration. It is good that the whole house has that same style, although it does not have to be on a large scale in all the rooms. Sometimes with small details may be enough to give that feeling of uniformity.

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The distribution of furniture

If your house is unfurnished and you have to make new furniture, it is time to think about its distribution. Look carefully where the natural light comes in, the available surface, the orientation … You can also base yourself on the precepts of feng shui to place them or simply measure the rooms and place them in the way that best suits you in each case to take better advantage of the space.

My advice is that, first, do not launch yourself to buy a lot of furniture, because until you live in a house you do not feel the real needs you have. You will always have time to add.

new home decor
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The lighting

In the same way, until you are installed you will not have very clear what needs of light you will have. There will be clearer, darker days or you will see corners of the house that may remain in shadow. That’s when you’ll know better what kind of lighting to place. In the initial planning, it is important that you keep in mind the general lights or some that are always like the bedside lamps, for example. Afterwards, you will see more concrete deficiencies that you will correct as they arrive.

Decorative accessories

This aspect is emerging a little on the fly, since they are always adding new objects to the decoration. However, in the initial planning you can think what you would like to introduce to personalize this decoration to the maximum : if you are going to bet for plants and flowers, for photographs, what kind of paintings you will hang, if it will be something rather minimalist without saturating or if you fancy Fill the shelves with your best memories.

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