Ideas to decorate Christmas with Nordic style

If you like Scandinavian decoration, you will also like to decorate Christmas with elements typical of the Nordic style. I bring you several ideas so that you design a very cozy and special Nordic Christmas decoration. If you read us often, you will know that this decoration is characterized by using wood and white as the base. It is bright and committed to simplicity. Well now, we will move this to Christmas and you will see what beautiful decoration you can design.

Christmas Decor Nordic style
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Christmas decorations on wood

As we have mentioned before, wood is one of the favorite materials of the Nordic style. The Christmas decorations made of this material will be very appropriate if you want to decorate in this way. You can change the traditional balls of the tree for wooden ornaments (I love the wooden discs, for example, that you can paint and decorate to your liking if you want).

Nordic style Christmas trees

If there is a decorative element that is never missing in these holidays is the Christmas tree. To have a Nordic character you have several options. You can choose a small green spruce and put it without balls or anything in a cloth sack, for example. You can also make your own tree with dry branches placed vertically on a wall. If you like the big trees of a lifetime, decorate it with white balls.

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Christmas Decor Nordic style
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Add touches of red

Although the Nordic style uses white as the main key, red has a place in Christmas. In textiles, it is very good. Place some cushions in your room red or with an alpine print, for example, that combines white and red. And how about putting some red candy in a transparent pot and leaving it at the entrance? Another color that you can also use will be green, typical of the natural elements that feel wonderful Nordic decoration: a few spruce twigs in a glass jar, a small plant that becomes the Christmas tree …

Decorative details

The Nordic style is characterized by being simple and without great stridency. You can get it at Christmas. Bet on decorative details with simple shapes and very pure lines. A star, a candle holder, some pinecones, some dry branches … Natural materials will always be a good choice.

Nature, always present

We speak of wood, but also of textiles such as cotton or wool. The natural elements cannot miss in your Christmas Scandinavian style. A chubby blanket placed on the bed or on a sofa with reindeer pattern, the details we have discussed before … Nature will always be present if you decorate Christmas with Nordic style.

Christmas Decor Nordic style
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The lighting

This style is, by definition, very bright. The use of white in walls and furniture and light wood contributes to this. In this case, you can also use items such as candles, garlands or lamps to add extra lighting to your Christmas decoration. The white LED garlands will look great and help you create very cozy environments. The same with candles. Put them in the hall, on the dining table or on the fireplace.

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