Ideas to plan the decoration of your new home

Do you change your home and do not know very well where to start in terms of decoration? It is clear that there are many issues to deal with when we move to a new home, whether buying or renting, and when those issues are already closed comes the most fun and special part: make it yours. Let’s see some ideas that will help you plan the decoration of your new home …

Ideas to play with the curved lines in your decoration

The curved lines in the decoration have their origin in the Greek and Roman constructions. The minimalism dispenses with them but when you employ the way we see today manage to design some rooms with personality. They are delicate and elegant and you can play with them on ceilings, walls, furniture and decorative accessories. With these ideas you will learn to use them in your interior spaces in many different ways. Do we discover them?

Ideas to introduce the color red in the decoration

The red is synonymous with passion. In the decoration is a dynamic color, energetic and daring, very vital. That’s why you have to be careful and apply it in details or smaller areas, or combined with whites or cakes that reduce that intensity, arriving to design in this case warm and welcoming environments. If we go through and paint all the walls red, for example, the result can be overwhelming and get a little nervous. So let’s look at some ideas to apply it correctly and get amazing results.

Tiles with geometric decoration: Ideas that inspire!

If you like the geometry you’ve proven that to me too … Several DIY I have taught you lately, like that to make your own geometric lamp or a decorative shelves, but today I want to focus on the tiles that you can introduce into your home to get designing spaces with lots of personality. We will see everything below. Do you dare with geometric decoration? The results can be amazing.

Style tiles

The pottery has evolved over the years, both technically and aesthetically. So you can now find tiles that have nothing to do with lining the walls and floors of the houses in as many years. Of course, if you want to give a retro or vintage feel you can do so by using designs that resemble what was placed in the seventies and eighties, but with materials, shapes and creations completely renovated.

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