Ideas to play with the curved lines in your decoration

The curved lines in the decoration have their origin in the Greek and Roman constructions. The minimalism dispenses with them but when you employ the way we see today manage to design some rooms with personality. They are delicate and elegant and you can play with them on ceilings, walls, furniture and decorative accessories. With these ideas you will learn to use them in your interior spaces in many different ways. Do we discover them?

curved lines in your decoration
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Curved walls

If your house has a curved wall do not worry. Let’s make the most of it. They are very decorative in themselves and you can use indirect lighting to acquire even more prominence. The light colors are most conducive to this type of walls, but if you prefer to highlight much more can paint vivid hues. Depending on where this wall is located, it will allow you to design a special corner for reading, for example.

Furniture with curved lines

The furniture with curved lines gives spaces a sophisticated style. The curved sofas are an excellent choice for your living room. You can combine them with other types of accessories also curved as poufs or stools or with more straight ones to make contrasts. In the bathroom you can also place a curved cabinet that will give that touch of elegance to the room. The curves soften the spaces creating a feeling of lightness where everything seems to flow comfortably.

curved lines in your decoration
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The roofs

The curved ceilings, as with the walls, are very decorative in themselves. You can leave them as they are or highlight them in a special way with an organic design or a different painting that contrasts with the walls.

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A kitchen with curves

A room where I like how curves look is in the kitchen, especially if you have enough space to place an island with rounded shapes. The image that projects is very elegant and the result, incredible.

curved lines in your decoration
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The decorative complements

Although in the room that you are going to decorate the straight lines predominate, the curved decorative complements give a different and special brushstroke to the place. You can choose smaller furniture in wood or wicker, for example, or objects with an organic design where the curves are the real protagonists.

In outdoor spaces

You can also play with curves in your garden or terrace. If there is a curved line through space, it will be more striking than a line and can visually make this outer place appear larger. You can make a path with stones, for example, or introduce some pots in a curved line along your terrace or garden. On the other hand, you can also place curved furniture next to the pool, if you have, to counteract the straight lines of this space.

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