Ideas to decorate your house if you are going to rent it on vacation

It is not the same to decorate a flat that you are going to rent that the house in which you live habitually. If you take idea of renting your home to offer it as holiday accommodation you must take into account a number of things to make the most of the furniture and decoration. Today we give some thoughts to get these guests stay as pleasant as possible … Take note!

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Local style

The first idea I give you is to decorate this apartment rental apartment with the style of the place in which it is located. At the moment I am preparing my vacations and for that I have looked for several apartments to stay during my stay, that will happen in three cities of the north of Europe. Well, the photos that caught my attention and I liked the most were those floors with a marked Nordic decoration, typical of the countries I am going to visit. If your house is on the mountain, make it rustic, or if you are on the beach, with Mediterranean style.

A little personalization

It is true that for this apartment rent many people with different tastes will pass. But you should not leave the house without any detail. It incorporates some small decorative items that help give some life and provide a cozy feeling. Some plants, some books, some painting … Let the tenants feel at home.

Functional furniture

This is especially important if the floor is rather small, but still a commitment to practical and functional furniture always a good idea. They provide room for storage and can be used for various things, and you can put beds with trundle, place a trunk that will act as the coffee table, folding tables, etc.

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The beds

One of these functional furniture par excellence is the sofa bed, a very good way to use the available space and provide more room for more people to sleep. If the floor is small you can also put the bed in height and use the bottom to place a table, for example.

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If you want this rental house to be cozy, dress the beds with nice textiles. They can be smooth and neutral, but if you put up some cushions or a blanket of hair on the foot of the bed is sure to give a much warmer touch to the stay. The same in the living room. It will suffice with simple curtains and cushions on the sofa to design a comfortable stay.


If you opt for a decoration with a definite style, you must use the colors of that style. On the contrary, if you prefer neutral decor you can like almost all (or at least not bother anyone) the soft, warm colors are a good choice. If the house is small the light tones will help that it visually goes a little wider.

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The lighting

You must not neglect enlightenment. Although it has large windows that let in natural light, artificial light points placed so that the house is well lit. This will make the stay of the visitors much more pleasant.

Aesthetic Harmony

In the end, you have to offer is a space that is consistent, although you probably go for a modern, classic, Nordic or vintage all have to put some sense. It will be the best way for people who know your holiday rental accommodation through photographs feel desire to stay in it, since the house offer a cozy feeling. And once you stay in it, feel comfortable and at ease.

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