Common mistakes when lighting the house

lighting the house

Common mistakes when lighting the house

We all make mistakes. And it is good that we do (from time to time), since they say that of the mistakes is learned. We want to learn and why we’ve compiled a summary of the most common mistakes to illuminate the house.

Lighting plays a very important role in decoration: not only is it practical and is capable of transforming the spaces, but also contributes to create the right atmosphere in every room of the house. Take note!

lighting the house

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Leave it to the last

Generally, when we furnish and decorate a room we usually make the mistake of leaving for the latter the subject of enlightenment. A big mistake. Lighting is as important as the choice of furniture, so we must think about it before furnishing.

We must plan the points of light that will place in each room and choose the lamps and luminaries suitable for each case. You also have to be clear what kind of light you need and what your main objective will be. That is, warm lights that favor rest, direct to the work area, general to illuminate evenly …

Light the whole room with a single lamp

Another common mistake that we often make is to place a lamp, which is usually ceiling as single point of light for the entire stay. That lamp may emit a lot of light, but it will never be enough.

The general lights must be complemented with other secondary lights that must be located strategically. For example, a wall-mounted light fixture to create a diffused light that is warmer, a floor lamp next to the sofa, spotlights in the cupboards or shelves to see what is hidden at the end of the drawer or a corner applique of the room to multiply light and gain amplitude.

In short, for every room in the house the light needs will be completely different, but what is clear is that a single lamp valium 10mg will not be enough.

lighting the house

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Do not take into account natural light

We take into account the location of the plugs, the arrangement of the elements, etc. but we forget to consider the points of natural light in the room. Another quite common mistake.

Sometimes the natural light of the sun is sufficient to illuminate a room generally, but it needs extra support that is compensated by artificial lighting. That is why we must take into account the darker points of the room and those that receive more sunlight, before placing the lamps.

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Too many lamps and poorly distributed

Okay, that design lamp you have purchased can be incredibly beautiful and stylish, but if you do not need it and its light means an excess of lighting, better think twice before placing it. Perhaps it would be more interesting to find a new home, where you really look.

And it is that sometimes we put lamps because “I have room for it” or because “love it”. Exceeding by illuminating spaces by placing too many lamps and light spots in places where no need is another mistake to avoid.

lighting the house

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Do not think about the purpose or effect of each lamp

In other words, forget that all luminaries meet a goal. We could summarize them in three different types of lighting:

– General lighting: A lamp that provides a uniform and powerful light capable of homogeneously illuminating the entire space.

– Direct light: This direct light fulfills a practical function. It is direct and powerful enough to illuminate busy areas such as the kitchen or bathroom.

– Ambient light: These points of light are secondary and help us complete the general illumination. They serve to create atmosphere, highlight elements or create atmosphere. They would be table lamps, standing lamps, appliques.

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