Ideas for Decorating the Guest Bathroom

If you are lucky enough to have several bathrooms at home, one of them is usually dedicated to visitors, especially if the main is inside your room or closer to the main bedroom. Today we will see some ideas to decorate the guest bathroom usually is usually smaller, although not always have to be so.

It is about creating a comfortable space for those who use it to be at home. It will be a place that employ different people so it is a matter of designing an environment friendly but not too personalized so that everyone can feel at ease.

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Bathroom in neutral colors

This bathroom is usually located in the hallway or next to the guest bedroom. It is used by people who visit us in a timely manner as if we have people who stay to sleep a few days at home. One of the ways you have to decorate is using neutral colors, because it gives a formal touch and like almost everyone. Bet on earth tones, white, black or gray.

Small Bathrooms

Usually these stays are usually smaller than the main bathroom, although I already tell you that this does not have to be always like this. If this is your case, choose systems storage vertically to exploit the gaps and your guests have enough space to leave your stuff if going to use it for several days.

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The furniture

Furniture to put in this guest bathroom have to be especially functional. If the bathroom is small choose those with an air minimalist who do not occupy too much room but have enough capacity to your visitors place their stuff inside.

Those who are hanging on the wall are a good choice because they save space and contribute to stay visually appear wider. You can even put a toilet hung, of those that does not have a cistern in sight, to free the area and make it more comfortable to transit. The same is true of washbasins and closets.

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Decorative accessories

Even if it is not the bathroom you usually use, do not forget to decorate it as if it were. Put some flowers or a plant, some candles, some wicker baskets or boxes. Turn this service bathroom into a cozy space so that your visitors feel that they are in a comfortable place where all the details are taken care of.

Towels on demand

If your guests are going to stay for a few days at home put some towels in sight, folded or rolled, as they give a very touch friendly. If they are also perfumed the sensation of freshness will be incredible and that will also be an extra in the decoration of the stay.

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The lighting

Although it is not normally the bathroom that you use in your day to day life, you should not neglect its lighting. You can opt for ceilings or wall sconces, if the bathroom is small places light spots on the ceiling and will be more than enough. Always try to create the most pleasant environment possible. Your guests will thank you.

Dare to innovate

A first idea you have given is wagered by neutral colors without fanfare for the decor is pleasant for everyone, but also propose you the opposite: to design a bathroom guest different, modern with bright colors or geometric tiles, for example. The question you have to ask yourself is: and why not?

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