Ideas to decorate a small marriage bedroom

We are not always lucky to have spacious rooms at home. But the lack of space does not have to be an inconvenience if you have the right resources to solve it. Today I bring you some ideas to decorate a small marriage bedroom. If the room where you rest is not too big, do not worry; with these tricks and tips, I’m sure you’ll get a lot more out of it. Let’s find out how you can get it!

small marriage bedroom
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Bedside tables with storage system

To make the most of your space it is important that you choose functional and practical furniture. In the case of the tables, choose those that have drawers so that they can keep in them the underwear, socks or any smaller object such as jewelry or belts, for example.

Only one bedside table

If the bedroom is too narrow you may not have room to place two bedside tables. It will then be necessary to decide on which side of the bed you put one and leave the other with nothing. If the person who sleeps there wants to have a space to support the mobile while it is loaded at night, a book or have some auxiliary light you can hang a small shelf on that wall so you can leave in it what you need.

small marriage bedroom
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Canapé beds

The most important thing when we have a small room, whatever it is, is that we look for functional solutions with furniture that can fulfill different tasks. In the case of the bed, the most practical thing is to opt for canapés, which provide extra storage in the lower area so you can store there, for example, blankets, sheets, towels or seasonal clothing that does not You put yourself in that moment.

Take advantage of vertical space

When the double pharmacy no prescription bedroom is small, look for available spaces to store things or add decorative elements that personalize your stay. In this case, I recommend that you place shelves and shelves taking advantage of vertical walls. On top of the headboard, even. You can include cloth boxes or wooden boxes to store things that are not visible and leave a space to introduce some more personal object that decorates the room: a plant, a photograph, the memory of a trip …

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small marriage bedroom
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Other storage systems under the bed

If the canapés do not convince you there are very decorative solutions to take advantage of the hole that remains under the bed. Look at these two examples. They have created wooden storage systems creating a structure that serves at the same time as slatted. You can do it with pallets, if you feel like it. The result is practical and very decorative at the same time.

Keep the order

This premise is indispensable for any small stay. Maintaining order in the double bedroom is essential so that the stay always looks ideal. Remember that the organization is part of the decoration and that if you have the room tidy it will look even more spacious.

small marriage bedroom
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Donkeys for clothes

If there is something that I like very much in a bedroom, it is a donkey in which the clothes are visible. You can use it to leave in it what you wear more often or the clothes you will wear the next day. If your cabinets are small, it is a very decorative storage system that you can take advantage of.

Door hangers

Take advantage of the doors to put hangers and leave them, for example, handkerchiefs, necklaces, belts … You can put them behind the entrance door to the room and also inside the cabinets.

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