Including a carpet in the decor of your kitchen

Decorate the kitchen with a carpet (or more) is something you love or almost equally shocked. This is not to put a delicate Persian rug because we’re going to step on a lot and can fall dirt, as indeed it happens … So it’s a matter of putting a carpet that you can wash and resistant in order to give some warmth and a different touch to this room. Today we will see how you can enter it in the decor of your kitchen, a aesthetic element and also practical, as we see below.

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A warm touch in your kitchen

By introducing a carpet in your kitchen you will be providing an extra warmth and comfort to a room in itself something cold. Sometimes we neglect this place and did not attach the importance it deserves in terms of decoration is concerned. With this element you will be giving a warm and pleasant touch.

In front of the sink and fire

If you put a rug in front of the sink area or avoid some unfortunate slip fire and get the soil of this place is kept in better condition, because it is often an area that suffers enough. Yes, accordingly, it will suffer will be the carpet, so grab one that is sturdy and can wash really well, because you’ll have to do often. If you have a drawing or stamping they tramadol 100mg will be more sustained than a smooth.

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Like I said before, it is good to put a rug with a pattern that prevents stains that may fall as much as you will see in a flat. You can play with colors depending on the season in which we find ourselves, using darker combinations for fall and winter, gray, brown, black and white, and giving a touch of joy come spring and summer with more vivid shades like blues, oranges, yellows, reds, greens, etc.

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To differentiate areas

The carpet can help, too, differences different areas of the kitchen, especially if the space is large. If you place it under the table and chairs will be defining the area dedicated to eat, for example. And if you have the kitchen together with the living room a large carpet also will help you visually separate these two spaces.

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What stamped choose?

The print your carpet depends on the decorating style you like. If you love Nordic decoration, a carpet of white and black stripes going to look great in your kitchen. You can also opt for prints geometric, with ethnic airs or very original one cow type, for example. If you prefer a more classic style you can choose one that mimics the Persian type.

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